Canada - the country that most sounds like a disease.

I slept funny last night and it really aggravated my Tobago.

It could be worse–you could have Andorra.

If you people don’t cut this sillyness out, I’m gonna Cuba you but good.

Awww… why the Haiti?

I need to speak with the doctor right away! I woke up this morning and my face was covered with Denmarks!

I’m just edgy because my girlfriend hasn’t Liechtenstein in a while.

That’s what Bangkok is for.

How about diseases which sound like they ought to be countries?

“I went to Malaria last year.” “Oh? I remember being posted there when I was in the Army. Of course, it was still called *British Malaria *then. Dreadful climate.”

Then there’s the ultimate in cock-blockers - “He Madagascared me good last night, that bastard.”*

*Pandemic reference.

And I felt all Uruguay later. Ow.

Closed off her port, did she?

Yemen, but then I find my mind is stuck in the Qatar.

What do you - it works for blockers of both sexes. :smiley:

So, I took two Senegals last night, but I still couldn’t get to sleep.

No wonder you seem Iranian.

There are some really Laos-y puns in this thread.

These puns are a Spain in the ass.

Luxembourg sounds like an expensive sports car. “Jay Leno owns two Ferraris, a Porche, and a vintage Luxembourg.”

Lithuania not only sounds like a disease, but Lithuanian male names do, too (most of them sound somewhat like Arthritis Bursitis or Erisypelas Parvovirus).

Actually an Ecuador is something you keep your cigars in to stop them drying out.
I thought that everyone knew that.