Canada - the country that most sounds like a disease.

I glanced at a thread title about Canada and read it as Candida. Sure you can blame my crappy eyesight but what sort of country allows itself to be so closely aligned with a smelly disease?

Apologies to any Candidians reading this.

It could be worse:

Doctor: I’m afraid you’ve got bad case of Angola, and it could turn into Burkina Faso if not treated promptly. But your Korea is on the mend.

Tell me the truth, Doc. It’s Bolivia isn’t it?

Doc. It’s my Regina. I think I have Canada.

Your coughing is due to Peruitis. I’m afraid you don’t have long.

Wow no wonder the world is in such bad shape!

You must think we’re all Turkeys.

Speaking of Turkey, I’m getting kinda Hungary.

When naming the country, they pulled letters out of a hat (gesture as if you’re pulling letters from a hat)…

C, eh

N, eh

D, eh

Well, we all know how fatal having America is.

Ecuador sounds like a piece of furnature or possibly a household appliance. “Honey, have you seen my keys?” “You left them on top of the ecuador.”

Ghana sounds like a hoity-toity term for a feeling of distasteful ennui. “Dahling, you must come out to the country and see us, the days are quite ghana without decent company visiting.”

Bhutan sounds like an archaic but still slightly indecent item of vulgar slang. “I say, old bean, when we served together in His Majesty’s regiment in the Koombah Valley, we gave those wogs a right thrashing on their old bhutans, wot?”


It always sounded like a skin condition in a very sensitive place.

“Judy had to wear very loose panties or it irritate her liberia”

At least we have a name, not just a description - “United States of America.” :smiley:

Wow. I never before noticed that my own home country sounds like it’s populated by disease carriers*.

*To those still lost, it’s an anagram of ‘any germ’.

Peru is one of those female colours, like puce and ecru. “And the designer went and painted the vanity peru! Now none of the party favours match!”

Uruguay is a small marsupial related to the echidna. “And we found a whole nest of uruguay pups underneath the house. Looks like the mother just gave birth.”

Miquelon is a type of sheepdog. “We just bought a purebred miquelon! It cost over five thousand dollars, but we can trace the pedigree back to one of King Edward VIII’s show dogs.”

Doctor, you just reminded me. I saw a TV ad the other day that mentioned something about that. Tell me, is Namibia right for me?

I can’t come in today - I’m feeling just Malaysia.

Did you Thai one on last night?

I’d like to add one, but I’ve been diagnosed with Timor-Leste, and have been told to lie down and stay away from bright light.

I give you chorea.