Canada, think of the children

This has to be the coldest winter that I remember since 76-77 and winter has just started. I blame Canada, they can be passive-aggressive and they are showing their potential for evil.

Nuh-uh. Wasn’t from here - we still have all of ours. Ask Norway, maybe they lost sone.

Yes, Canada is terrible and hates children.

And they’re sending Canadians South to subvert the United States of America’s government and teach the locals driving manners.

I blame the Arcticans. Oh, wait…

Thank goodness for Michigan. (See # 12)

And how to spell words like theatre and colour, and how to pronounce the last letter of the alphabet, and the fact that when it is 30 degrees out it is hot, not cold…

He’s onto us! We’re doomed!

Foolish Americans! No-one can save you now! ):smiley:

Well I, for one, welcome our new Canadian overlords. Eh.

We’ve learned your language, infiltrated your comedy clubs and newsrooms… Soon you will march to your northern metric maple-flavoured doom!

Current conditions: -34C (-43C w/ windchill). Am packing it up and sending it to Missouri tomorrow via Fedex.

First thing we’ll do is teach you how to say eh properly. It might hurt a little.

Here, add the one from Regina right now. -32C, -45 with windchill. That’ll make them do math, trying to figure out why it’s higher AND lower. They’ll be distracted when we send them the real numbers.

You only have a few months. I don’t predict y’all will be sticking around come June when it’s 105 degrees for about a month straight and we’re saying things like, “Naw, it ain’t hot yet. We don’t consider it hot until the dog sticks to the sidewalk.”

Heartless bastard.:wink: Damn I hate winter.

It’s 10C in London today, can I have some cold so that it might start snowing?