Canada/US Hockey Gold Medal Junior Game

Pass the nitroglycerin will ya?

Holy crap, it was 5 - 3 US a few minutes ago, and thanks to Jordan Eberle it’s now 5 - 5 and going into overtime. I’m dying here.

This is seriously good hockey. (With questionable refereeing, but I’m not complaining.)

I’m loving it! You could totally feel the energy of the crowd through the TV in the last minute and a half.
Here’s hoping for a great OT or shoot out!
Go Canada! :smiley:

Well, that sucks. :frowning:

US wins by virtue of having the least shitty goaltending.

(Actually, Campbell is pretty good. I have no clue why the US didn’t start him; this game wouldn’t have even been in doubt if they had)

I maintain that the US was offside on the winning goal, but no one else seems to have noticed and they have yet to show a replay from the regular camera angle.

If they weren’t offside, then I just blame Saskatchewan.

Meh. I’ve seen the good guys win eleven times in my lifetime, and they’ll have as good a shot as anyone next year. That’s the good thing about international play; if your team doesn’t make it this time, there’s always another one coming up down the road.

It would hurt more if it was the Habs losing game 7 of the Cup Final, because you never know when (or if) you’ll get another chance.

ETA: I’ve gotta believe if the U.S. were offside on that goal, TSN would be bitching mightily about it.

Finally saw a replay - I guess it was a closer call than I thought, but I think that as often as not, #21 would have been called offside. It just caught my eye immediately during the live game (and not after the goal had been scored). On replay, I can’t really blame the refs for not calling it.

So I guess it IS Saskatchewan’s fault :wink:

Heartbreaking. A few thoughts;

  1. Canada’s starting goalie, Jake Allen, cost them the game. Of five goals he allowed, four were absurdly soft. The goal scored in OT was weak, too, but that was the only goal Martin Jones allowed so you can’t pin this one on him.

  2. While the USA might have been offside, it’s worth noting Canada scored their fourth goal on a power play that was the result of an absolutely brutal call. It’s not supposed to be goaltender interference when a defenseman runs you into the goalie. The breaks evened out.

  3. Hell of a game, all in all.

In fairness, the all three goals allowed by the US’s starting goalie were terrible, especially the third.

I have such a man-crush on Jordan Eberle right now. The Oilers have always been my #2 team behind the Leafs and I can’t wait for him to make it to the NHL.

Amazing game and the better team did win. Sometimes your team loses and you feel like shit and sometimes you feel OK with it. This is definitely the latter.