Canadian checkin security try to return pipe bomb

In case any of you guys south of the border haven’t learned how friendly and polite a nation we are, here’s an example of the lengths we go to be nice to our travellers. Sir! Sir! Did you forget your bomb sir?

Lots of people saying the kid should be in jail, but that’s the one part of this that I actually think worked out right. I’m not saying this in particular could happen to anyone, but I’ve accidentally had knives in my carry-on, and you routinely hear about people accidentally bringing guns to airports in the 'states. (Hell, this guy fired a hole in the wall, and just paid for damages).

Don’t worry about the staff though, they’ve been “retrained”. :rolleyes: C’mon. If the new garbage men you hire come back with a truckload of fire hydrants, or the trainee cop is issuing tickets for loitering at bus stops, just tell them they’re not cut out for the gig.

This kid that brought the bomb with him… well, I don’t know what his middle name is but I can tell you it sure isn’t Discretion. The pipe bomb was wrapped in a bag from a head shop that had pot leaves all over it. That’s how it got by- the screener thought it was for smoking pot. Apparently, they kept it in an office for four days before anyone figured out that it was indeed an actual bomb.

I did enjoy reading that the judge lectured this young man on how lucky he was. He basically said if you had been caught with this in Mexico you wouldn’t have been given a trial and you’d probably be dead.

Lesson learned I hope but it does dismay me to think that this kid is going to be followed around for the rest of his life by the government for being a “terrorist”. He’s not a terrorist, he’s an idiot. And Canadian airport security is apparently not idiot-proof.

Having a knife in a bag that you forgot to take out is one thing, but showing up at the airport with a freaking pipe bomb in your bag that you forgot to take out is a whole other level of stupid. Seriously, at the very least the guy needs his ass kicked. How else is he supposed to learn?

Not mentioned in the article is that, in the confusion, they also tried to give it to some nuns, members of a marching band, and a passing flock of ducks.

The article also doesn’t mention the 4 ½ feet of fuse at either end was lit and Powerhouse was playing in the background.

Ahh! Words to live by.

I just wanted to take my hat off to you for turning such a lovely phrase.

Well done, Sir or Madam!

Hats off to you!

This is especially upsetting in light of all the musicians whose instruments have been ruined by airlines and airport security. We’ll smash your bamboo flutes, we’ll wreck your lute, we’ll jerk you around about whether your instrument can be carried on or must be checked, but we’ll give this guy’s pipe bomb back to him.

That’s why I’ll drive 3,000 km to a gig rather than fly.