Canadian currency has naked ladies on it!

Wow, some people see pR0n everywhere:

New polymer Canadian $20 bill


Now this is pr0n!

The ‘moonie’ has the Queen with a bear behind.

Not just pr0n – awesome pr0n!!1!

It’s Troy McClures’ fantasy 3-way.

Now I want a Cook Islands three dollar bill!

Yeah? Back in the day we Amerikans were pretty awesome ourselves! Not just boobies but naked kids too!

And of course there’s theLand O’ Lakes Indian maiden.

It would be almost worthwhile to have one of those to carry around so that when some self-styled wit makes a remark about “:queer as a…”, one could just whip out one’s billfold, show him that bill, and ask “Does this look queer to you?” :smiley:

And the original Starbucks logo…no cutting required.

[Great Tits]( Tits)

Not only tits, but the reverse of the Cook Islands $3 has hanging pork.

It isn’t just hanging. It’s dripping!

Amatuers! The U.S. $20 bill has pictures of the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. It also has the names Osama and Arafat (in reverse) on the back. Not to mention, if you add 9+11 you get 20. How’s that for a conspiracy?

That Cook Islands note gives “queer as a three dollar bill” a whole new meaning, I tell ya whut.

It would be even better if the Barenaked Ladies were on a Canadian bill. Perhaps the $1,000,000 note?

I had no idea Al Jaffee was designing our currency. :smiley:

Why is Queen Lizzie on your currency again?

She’s the Queen of Canada.

I’ve forgotten whether it was a Canadian or Australian humorist who remarked about the benefits of Commonwealth status: “We get the cachet of having a monarchy – and we’ve conned Britain into paying for it all!” :slight_smile: