Canadian 'dopers, Freedom Convoy?

Wasn’t sure where to put this as it’s really just a GQ-type question. I’ve seen a few of the interviews with truckers from the Freedom Convoy, a protest of mask mandates in Canada by truckers that’s been going on. Most of the interviews, however, seem to be from people with suspiciously US-type accents. Now, I’m aware that English-speaking Canadians do sound a lot like their US counterparts in the north, but my question is…are most of these truckers actually from the US, or is this mainly a homegrown Canadian protest? Or something in the middle? I haven’t seen a lot on this in the news, but then I haven’t really been looking for it either and was just curious.

Feel free to discuss anything related, I’d especially be interested in the perspective of our Canadian 'dopers, but really my question is simply is this mainly US truckers protesting or is this homegrown Canadians protesting, or something in between.

Not Canadian (though I’m not all that far from BC, I could drive there in a matter of hours).

But the group did start with different groups of Canadian truckers joining together. It’s not like some Americans drove up north pretending to be Canadian.

That said, many of the protesters now have nothing to do with trucking, and I am certain that many Americans from the far-right and anti-vaxx movements have joined the protest.

Canadian here. I firmly believe that the #FluTruxKlan was a seed planted by grifters who say the way that Trump turned disaffected right wing voters into a personal gravy train.

There is a vocal group of domestic conservatives who believe that the “lame stream media” is lying to them. Common folk of the New West. You know, morons.

The origin of this misinformation are the same people behind Tucker Carlson, MTG, and Joe Rogan. Dirty money, most like Russian, is trying to use this as a catalyst to further inflame the US.

There’s a fair amount of discussion in this thread:

The protest is organized by fascists. The convoy is about far-right white nationalism. They are using vaccine and other health mandates as a wedge issue to try to get people onto their side. They are doing this for two reasons:

  1. Money. It is a grift for the fascists.
  2. Support/Members. I’m very sure they are hoping that if people support, say Pat King, on this issue, then I wonder what else they might agree with him on?

It is disgusting. I hate fascism and fascists. The police response has been tantamount to collaboration. It is really disgusting. What saddens me is that such a large percentage of Canadians can be so easily fooled by Nazis.

Covidiots on this side of the border are trying to organize their own convoy (California :arrow_right: DC).

At this point I think it’s a large number of useful idiots being used for cover by agitators looking for a confrontation.

The stereotypical “Canadian” accent isn’t really as widespread as the media tries to make it seem. We all watch mostly US TV shows, so it’s not surprising that a lot of us sound very American to you.

That being said, the convoyers are a mix of Canadians and Americans, but still mostly Canadian. But one big thing to realize is that there really aren’t a lot of people involved with the protest now. They peaked at about 8000 people in Ottawa the first weekend, but now are at most a few hundred. The protest seems large because the use of large trucks to block streets acts as a multiplier. The downtown area of Ottawa isn’t all that large, and they’re really only blocking about half of that area. It doesn’t take that many big trucks to accomplish that goal.

The same thing with the border crossings. Most of these aren’t 8 or 16 lane superhighway type things, most are 2 or 4 lane affairs, particularly when there’s a bridge involved. Blocking those is trivially easy with these big trucks.

Please don’t act like this is some spontaneous, grass-roots action. The organizers are fully linked into the international right-wing nationalist movement.

It’s hard to tell the difference, as I doubt that any in this convoy, Canadian or American, will use the word “Sorry”.

I didn’t say that. The original truckers were Canadian. The OP didn’t ask whether it was spontaneous or legitimate, nor did I imply that it was. The OP only asked if they were Canadian.

How about, don’t act like I posted something I didn’t? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

At a planning session for the Canadian truck convoy:

Unless you’re watching hockey games on TV.

I quoted what you posted and anyone can go back and look.

Mmm-hmm. And they can see you’re full of crap when you accuse me of saying what I didn’t.

Again, I was talking about the truckers. Not the organizers. The OP didn’t ask anything about them.


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So the same people who complain about unvaccinated people crossing the US southern border want to be able to cross Canada’s southern border unvaccinated. Makes perfect sense to me.