Lets shut down the highway, that'll solve all the problems!

Assfuck activists are going to try to ‘shut down’ Lake Shore Drive in Chicago during a very busy rush hour. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/lake-shore-drive-lsd-shut-down-protest-march-489047501.html

These clueless clowns want to be assholes for the sake of being assholes.

…The protest looks to “redistribute the pain and agony of no economic development on the South and West Sides to the North side,” according to organizer Tio Hardiman with Violence Interrupters…

They’re also calling on both the Mayor and the police chief to resign. Why not also ask for a pony?

Thanks for ‘raising awareness.’ Guess what? I’ll be keeping a close eye on the South and West sides of Chicago and encouraging my alderman to vote against throwing away any money into the cesspool of the South and West sides.

If only well-organized leftists would develop economically instead of demanding others do so, the world would be a more beautiful place.

Funny headline… “… Activists Call for LSD…”
Meh. Find another route?

Dale, I gotta say, I had a pretty low opinion of you, but I can admit when I’m wrong.

You’re not the partisan tool I thought you were. You’re a terrible fuckin human being.

What - and give up show business?


Emailing my Alderman, calling his office, and attending meetings makes me a horrible person?

There are no expressways in this part of Chicago. LSD is the only reasonable way to go north/south.

Call him, email him, and find an alternate route. What else can ya do? Nada really.
Oops, just saw the “no alternate” part.

No, but writing off two entire sections of the city as a “cesspool” makes you that. Maybe get out of your house once in a while and learn a little bit about your city. Your anger seems to indicate that you care about Chicago, but your ignorance of large parts of the city seems to belie that.

I live on the South Side of Chicago. My neighborhood is beautiful, it is full of good people, and we all love living here very much. Your attitude is shit and seems born of ignorance of the city you live in.

Bullshit. If rush hour traffic is backed up bad on Lakeshore what do you do? Just park your car and sleep in it for the night? Use google maps, trust me Chicago has other streets besides LSD to get you north and south. This is one day, you will live through it.

It would be so much better if they protested in a way that nobody paid attention to, eh?

It would be better if they tried to accomplish something besides being assholes for the sake of being assholes.

Says the guy who writes off 2 entire quadrants of the city as a cesspool :rolleyes:

You don’t even see that right now you are justifying this protest with your rants and your expressed desire to not send any Chicago tax dollars to both of these sides of the city. The whole point of this is that people on the West and South sides feel like their parts of the city get ignored. Your response is “lets ignore them more!” “Cesspool!”. What happed to you to make you this way?

People with your attitude are why these people feel they have no choice but to try to raise awareness through protest.

Do you honestly think this protest will accomplish anything? Do you seriously think people who are inconvenienced are going to want to do anything? Let’s face it, these idiots just want to outdo Father Pfleger and his silly Dan Ryan stunt.

It has a better chance of accomplishing something than doing nothing and remaining silent. Can you name me one protest in the history of protests that were supported by those who benefit from the status quo? So why should those who desire change listen to those who want things to stay exactly as they are so they can continue to benefit?

I’m not pro or anti this particular protest. I’m pro citizen involvement and advocacy though. Its the only way positive change has ever really happened.

I’m definitely anti-“writing off entire quadrants of my hometown” though. That is a bullshit thing to do if you want people to think you care about your city and not just your own convenience.

They managed to get you to talk about the issue, spreading the word here.

So are you.

Disrupting the lives of ordinary working folk for your selfish personal political bullshit is the very definition of narcissism. And you are their King.

Thanks for the nonsensical gibberish, madsircool, we’re happy to have you.

Dale, being politically active doesn’t make you a piece of shit. Being a parody of the white moderates that Martin Luther King Jr. railed against makes you a piece of shit. Responding to the desperate cries of the impoverished by saying, in effect, “Inconvenience me, will you? then I’ll use my political influence to make you SUFFER!” shows you as a piece of shit.

As a reminder:

Dr. King, you say? The OP has some thoughts about him, certainly. They can be found in this thread he started a few days prior to Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2015.

Independent of whether or not one part of the city is a fetid cesspool or not, I have to feel that these sorts of protests are counterproductive. Rather than make people think “Man, we’re treating the south part of town badly.” while they sit in traffic behind the demonstration, it reinforces negative stereotypes and also hardens hearts against them. I mean, if I had an important event to get to, and this protest snarled traffic everywhere, I’d be pretty turned off to the idea of actually helping them because of their antics.

TL;DR, it’s essentially a terrorist tactic, and it turns people off to their cause.