Canadian gov't quietly chums up with Iran in the middle of Kazemi scandal

Okay, this is absolutely delightful:

Waiminnit. Waiminnit. So you were going to tell them all about our advanced customs arrangements? IRAN?

Listen, even if they WEREN’T theoretically in the shithouse with us, what possible reason could you have for doing this in the first place? They just had to ask?! And you told them?!

And it didn’t even annoy you not to have the guy’s real name!!! What kind of cabbageheads are you?

“Hi, this is Kim Jong… uh… Bob from North Korea. I know we just kidnapped and beheaded a bunch of your nuns and had a Mountie bitch-slapped, but could we get the National Defence tour? The secret one? With the jets? Thanks! Say, could I just xerox this? As a souvenir?”

After yesterday’s revelations that Kazemi was in fact tortured and gang-raped, this could not have been timed more horribly. You honestly have to wonder.

Why do you hate Amer-…um, I mean, Canada, matt?

Well it is nice that that the government produces such a consistent streak of apathetic ineptitude. You think that kind of streak just happens?

This sickens me no end.

I’m not a praying man but…

Dear God, could you please find it in your hear to create a real opposition. Perhaps by debilitating the pin heads that frighten The majority of the voting public away from the Conservatives, including Mr. Harper. I’m not asking death or any pox just remove their ability to communicate.

Please give us true leadership so that we can rise above the quagmire of mediocrity which we currently wallow in. Give us a leader that not only has financial smarts but also Charisma and vision. One who recognizes what is right and wrong and by conviction and intelligent discourse can lead us through these sad grey days. One who is respected world wide as a leader!

While you are at it can you make sure that all MPs involved in corruption and skimming from the public coffers end up in desperate poverty?

God you “Keep our land glorious and fee” but please, must the price we have to pay be to be forever ruled by knot heads and scum buckets with both feet firmly placed in some la la land where the rules of reality do not nor will not ever apply.
Should we live with a government that does not protect the rights and safety of its own people from known evil Despotic motherfuckers!

How can you protect a hypocritical government which does business with evil despotic motherfuckers around the world while talking about the importance of human rights?

Must we be ruled by those whose convictions are determined by the latest polls?

What have we done to deserve a government whose party platform is “anything to get re-elected”?

Please don’t forsake your people. We have worked so hard to create a Nation where all of your people can come and live in peace and harmony. A land where we respect each person even if we don’t necessarily agree with them (except for those people are so evil they instil hate but I’m sure you want to give them a good smiting too when you get around to it)

Please God, fix this problem soon!! If not perhaps we should have your name and recognized supremacy expunged from the constitution and National Anthem. Ok an Idle threat but we’re desperate over here!!



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Help. :frowning:

Definitely not. You know they must have to work real hard at it. :mad: :frowning:

kingpengvin, neat prayer. Though I’m not sure a prayer is supposed to include multiple references to “motherfuckers”. :smiley:

I understand how this story will piss off most Canadians, but as an American it is kinda nice to see a country other than us being Pitted. When are the next elections? And will this story have any media influence come voting day?

Anywhere between 40 days and 4 years from now.

And no, this story will have no effect whatsoever. The Liberals won (albeit a minority government) amidst a pretty serious patronage scandal. And that after the incredibly expensive gun registry boondoggle. I think the Liberals would pretty much have to pubicly murder a small child to not be re-elected, but that’s just my opinion.

So long as the Tories can’t win a single seat in Quebec, they’ll never form a stable government. Short-lived minority, maybe. To stay in power they’d need a formal alliance with the Bloc, and that won’t happen while they’ve got all those social conservative planks in their platform. That means the Liberals are the only party that can form the government in the meantime, public murder of children or not.

It’s so cute, their irrepressible optimism about their chances in Quebec. Like holding their convention in Montreal (Go Pink Panthers!) or that time in the election when Stephen actually said that they could win 50% of the seats in Quebec. I was like, Right, honey, when we win the other half.

Dude, it’s not like, uh, YOU didn’t run in Quebec for a party fifty miles out of the running. Oh, wait, you did. I mean, a party that wants to form a government has to at least TRY, don’t they?

They’re not going to get very far if they announce, “You know, fuck it. We’re way behind in Quebec, so to hell with running there… and you know what, that means we can’t win the election, so to hell with having a party. Let’s all be Liberals!”

Oh, certainly. We, on the other hand, didn’t cheerfully announce at the beginning of the campaign that we fully expected to take half the province.

(Although come to think of it, we ARE holding our convention in Quebec City… oh, well; a foolish consistency and all that…)

Full quote just to cover my ass. What are the “Rules of reality” of which you speak?