Canadian MP suspended from caucus pending harassment investigation

Just reported yesterday, so not much more known than in the initial news articles:

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announces investigation into harassment allegation involving MP Erin Weir

• Story is that Weir sent an e-mail to the NDP caucus, announcing his candidacy for caucus chair.

• Another NDP MP replied that as a woman, she would be afraid to be alone with him and did not think he should put his name forward.

• Singh announced the investigation and Weir was advised he is suspended from caucus pending the investigation.

• Weir says he thinks the allegation is politically motivated, doesn’t know what the complaint is about, and looks forward to clearing his name in the investigation.

Stay tuned…

Sounds like everyone in the party leadership knows what happened, but they’re going through the motions anyway for the sake of appearances.

Weir is our local MP so I’m following the story with some interest.

And he’s been expelled from caucus. He says it’s not becacuse of the harrassment allegations, but because he talked to the media before the formal announcement was made.

However, the NDP leader, Jagmet Singh, has released a statement saying that four complaints were substantiated by an outside investigator.

Singh is supposed to be giving a media conference soon.

thought it was a woman. First time I’ve seen a man named Erin

Bit more detail has come out: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh removes Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir from caucus

Weir has also said that he thinks the investigation process was deeply flawed, but at the same time made him aware he “was sometimes slow to pick up on social cues.” He has apologized to anyone he made uncomfortable.

IOW it’s a politically motivated put-up job. Some people don’t do non-verbal; I’m one. When he was asked to stop he did.

That’s a very cynical take.

Its a name like Robin, can be a boys or girls name.

If he went independent or crossed the floor would you still concider voting for him.

I don’t talk about my voting patterns on the internet.

My apologies

No biggie. Of course, unlike the States, my partisan affiliation (if any) is not a matter of government record.

Right, the news now is that another NDP MP has been suspended from caucus pending an allegation into sexual harassment.

And the MP in question is the one who made the allegation against Weir that triggered the investigation and his suspension.

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