Canadian RPM Number 1 Singles:1964

I decided to do a poll of singles that reached number one on the Canadian pop singles chart. Some songs will have appeared on SMAPTI’s “Retrospective Billboard #1 polls” or the “Best of the Rest” series, plenty others did NOT appear on either of those threads.

This both allows you to vote for songs you wanted to vote for on the American polls but opted for another song, coupled with the opportunity to vote for some totally new songs.

Background: Unlike the United States singles which have been tracked by Billboard Magazine, Canada’s singles have gone through different charts and name changes.

CHUM:1957-1964(it did continue to exist as a Toronto radio station, but no longer the country’s main singles chart).
Canadian Singles Charts:2000-2007
Canadian Hot 100:2007-present.
In America it has been Billboard, the old era:1940-1958, and then 1958- present.

I decided to start my poll series at 1964, this is the year the RPM was founded and became Canada’s main singles tracking chart magazine, and I think it’s the perfect year to start.


P.S: Not trying to upstage SMAPTI.

My votes went to:
The Bealtes(all entries)
The Kingsmen
The Animals
Jan and Dean
Sandie Shaw
Roy Orbison
Gerry and the Pacemakers
Dave Clark Five
Dixie Cups

Exactly one song earned my vote: “House of the Rising Sun.” It’s one of my favorite non-Kesha songs of all time.

Oh you and Kesha!