Canadian RPM Number 1 Singles:1965

My last poll did not get much interest, seems Dopers have lost their taste in singles polls. If interest is low, than I will discontinue.

So this is my last attempt. The year is 1965, and these are songs that reached the summit on the Canadian singles chart.

In case you missed the first thread for 1964:


Righteous Bros, Beatles, Yardbirds, Petula Clark, Tom Jones and Gerry/Pacemakers.

I need to see a year where I’m narrowing it down between one or two singles, not where I’m trying to decide between 25 or 30! It’s too hard!

You don’t have to vote for more than one song, I just allowed that option. Personally I think it’s easier to vote for all songs one likes and get on with it rather than ponder and narrow down.

Nothing wrong with it. Feel free to choose one.

I voted for ten of them, the biggest for me being “Eve of Destruction”. To me, that epitomizes all the hell that was happening in that era. It was a song that you did not want to dwell on too much.

You do realize that "Shakin All Over, by Chad Allan & The Expressions, was really the first hit by the Guess Who, Canada’s first and biggest rock and roll band.

You are absolutely right, I noticed that while making the poll.

Unlike 1964, when there was one clear winner in the world-famous Ponch8 Music Rating System, I voted for six songs. The Beatles get on the board with “Help.” There are a lot of good songs on this list, as well as a lot of crap (e.g., Herman’s Hermits).

I only voted for songs and artists I’m not totally sick of: Little Anthony, “Cara Mia” (Top 40 Radio needs more Bel Canto), Georgie Fame, and the two Billy Joe Royals. Quality, staying power, and influence on the artform did not enter into the equation.