Canadian RPM Number 1 Singles: 1966

Okay these are songs that were number one in Canada in 1966. Which ones do you like?

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For me the Vogues, Kinks and Animals were the main attractions of this poll and were my main votes.

Of course there were the Fab Four, and while the Mamas and Papas, Tommy James, New Vaudeville Band also got my vote, these latter ones were featured on the American polls.

Too bad The Kinks never had a #1 song south of the border.

Are there Canadian bands present in the #1s?

Not this year, but several Canadian artists on the 1964-1965 charts. Varies by year.

I voted for these songs:
We Can Work It Out
As Tears Go By
Nowhere Man
Paint It Black
Sweet Talkin’ Guy
I Saw Her Again

If I had to pick just one, it would be “Paint It Black,” but “I Saw Her Again” definitely gives it a run for its money.

Paint It, Black
Bus Stop
Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby

The first one is perhaps the only Stones song that I really like. That and Angie.

Eleanor Rigby is such a wonderful song that it makes the balance with the rather poor Yellow Submarine positive.

And Bus Stop is a song that I only discovered, incredibly, in the past 12 months or so. Loved it instantly. Its charm might wear off in the future but for the moment, I was almost tempted to vote for it only.

I forgot to include “Yellow Submarine/Elanor Rigby” in my vote (mostly for the latter).

“Sweet Pea” is dead-ass last.

I forgot to vote for “Magic Town”, I only discovered it yesterday and man, what a great song! Judging by that and “Five O’clock World”, The Vogues seemed to be pretty good.