Canadian swearing?

So, over in Great Debates, this Canadian guy calls me a “pip” and when I asked him what that meant a “cheeky monkey”.
What does it mean? Is he cussing me, or what?

I think he pulled it out of his arse.

Canadian, checking in here.

::Shrugs:: That’s a new one to me.


I’ve never heard that one either, eh, so I suspect your friend is funning you.

Are you sure he is Canadian… sounds more European to me :slight_smile:

Canadian swearing:
Dammit, eh!

::an American ducks and runs::

how’s aboot i kick yer ass, eh!

It’s aboot respect!


Not sure but… - isn’t “cheeky monkey” from the Austin Powers character, or another Mike Myers character from SNL?
That phrase seems to ring a bell.

“Pip” sounds British.

Now if he called you a “hosehead”.
Now dem’s fightin’ words.

Your all a buch of hosers! :slight_smile:

I belive pip is british. I’ve all ways taken it to mean somebody who was fiesty or had spunk.

Yes, I’m a Canadian, and no I’m not a lumberjack (that’s my brothers job) but I have been known to curl a few rocks in my time (hmm…maybe it isn’t a sterotype after all? Now where’s my back bacon?)

That should read You’re all

At least now we know who the real hoser is.

Here’s what Merriam-Webster Online has to say about pip:

Do you feel insulted yet?

What a Dukey Butt!
Him, not you, dude.

Simon, the British kid in the bathtub who was always showing off his ‘Drawrings’ - he’d regularly accuse the audience of looking at his bum, and call them Cheeky Monkeys. (Interesting pun, that.)

I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay, I sleep all night and I wor… oh wait, stop it!!!

hehe, curling’s fun to watch (oh darn, I admit it, it’s one of my favorite winter sports to watch!)

Mmmmm, bacon plus toasting the bread with the left-over oil… mmmm, I remember that when I was a child back in Montreal…

I miss the Royal Canadian Air Farce - the PBS station in Daytona Beach quit broadcasting it, and now they’re playing Lawrence Welk.

And I used to watch curling when I lived back north - CKWS-Kingston, Ontario. Cable company up there replaced it with C-SPAN.

And when did Michael J. Fox become an American citizen?!


Pip is one of my many nicknames, although it has nothing to do with the crustyness of my tongue, or annoyingness…
It’s derived from Phip, which comes from flip, which comes form my real name, Phil…

Thanks Tengu.

I couldn’t remember where that was from and it was driving me nuts.