Canadian woman, Jewish, former Israeli soldier: captured by ISIS

Although I admired her courage and conviction, when I heard that Gill Rosenberg had gone off to join Kurdish forces fighting ISIS, I thought she might be getting into something . . . that would end badly.

Alas, multiple news sites are reporting that she’s been captured by ISIS.

Her background is a perfect storm, a recipe, to incite the ISIS lunatics - Canadian (our planes are bombing their fighters); Jewish (duh); former Israeli soldier (duh again); and, for good measure, she is a woman.

I hope she does not suffer.

Yeah, this will end very badly. She’ll get beheaded is shes lucky. Otherwise it could be years of abuse and pain.

An independent Kurdistan needs to be carved out of Syria, Turkey and Iraq with full military support from the US. The UN can either recognize it or go fuck themselves. If if Russia and their client state Syria don’t like it they can go fuck themselves. If Turkey doesn’t like it they can go fuck themselves. Iraq apparently isn’t capable of self-rule, and don’t get to have an opinion.

Once Kurdistan is established any other countries willing to join forces with the US and Kurdistan can help wipe these subhuman Jihadists off the face of the planet.

Problem solved.


You kidding me? The Russians will love it. That will give them all the excuse they need to go sightseeing on the Rhine. I mean if the US will by force dismember one of its own NATO allies (Turkey), what help can the rest of them expect.

And if you have forgotten, the last time you guys tried a little “nation building” it ended up so well for the untold thousands of casualties the US took. And this is a landlocked area surrounded on all sides by hostile countries, all of who the US will first have to occupy, oh please this is going to end up so well.

Letting the Islamists overrun isn’t ending well either. I was against the Iraq war back when the previous idiot was in the WH. I’ve always felt that we have had a responsibility to see our operations in Iraq to the end. Now that it’s all fucked up again I feel we still have that responsibility. Unlike the US created Iraqi government which folded immediately the Kurds have shown a willingness to fight for their right to self-government. The western world needs to do more to back these people with the end result being a Kurdish state.

NATO is the United States. To hell with Turkey. I would much rather have a Kurdish state as an ally over the Islamic theocracy in Turkey. Turkey has been treating the Kurdish minority there like shit for years. If they were an ally maybe they should start fucking acting like one and start aiding Kurdish freedom fighters instead of oppressing them. You’re not going to see that happen, though because the secular state of Ataturk has been taken over by Islamo-facists. With friends like Turkey who needs enemies.

Israel is surrounded on all sides by hostile countries, it manages to survive. So can a Kurdistan.

If Russia wants to start getting the old gang back together Europe is going to have to get its shit together and fight back. The US will back it’s allies in Europe.

There are more Gill Rosenberg’s in the world. There are people willing to fight and die for the concepts of liberty and freedom. The western world needs to stop being hyper-sensitive, get its shit together and fight back against fascism theocracy and socialism.

Israel is not landlocked and is a technologically advanced state to boot. And has had the direct protection of superpowers.

“Act like an ally”? You seem to have that curiously American interpretation of “ally” which evidently os the same as “client state”.

Given her interesting criminal past, I’m tempted to resist the urge to wring my hands in worry until a more reliable source confirms or denies the fact that she’s been captured by ISIS. Cynical bastard that I am, I’m going to put $5 down on a ‘miraculous escape’ story in the coming days.

Dear Rest of the World: We don’t all think like this.

Edit: why would the US back its allies in Europe but not back Turkey? Racism? Islamophobia?

I do wonder if they’ll execute her in the same way they have other prisoners. I’m guessing that their doctrine doesn’t even envision female fighters and what to do with them.
Perhaps it’s false that she was kidnapped: Canadian YPG Fighter Gill Rosenberg is Safe | Personal Website of Mutlu Civiroglu

Given the conflicting accounts, or at least the uncertainty that’s now the case, you may well be on to something.

Why won’t Turkey stop oppressing the Kurdish people and join them in the fight against ISIS? Racism?

Why is the world willing to look the other way on this? Islamophobia?

If Turkey wants to start acting like a modern democratic republic I’m all for it. But they act like an Islamic theocracy and nominally seem to be more sympathetic with ISIS. Why should I want to throw in with a country that has been so willing to demonstrate that they hate the Kurds for no other reason that they aren’t ethnically Turkish?

There needs to be a Kurdistan and if a part of it has to come from Turkey I don’t see a problem with it. Turkey doesn’t seem to want them anyway.

Turkey oppresses the Kurds (and the Armenians, and several other minority groups). American oppresses the Blacks, and the Native Americans. We’re not in a position to throw stones, though we can and do advocate for more humane treatment of other people’s minority groups.

Turkey doesn’t act much like an Islamic theocracy, especially in comparison to its Muslim neighbor states. Erdogan isn’t exactly an enlighted leader, but we’ve had our share of less-than-stellar leaders, too, and Turkey is a good ally.

It’s not quite as dramatic as a miraculous escape, but her facebook page says she’s doing fine…

I’m glad she’s safe. But given that she’s on IS’s radar, she should probably chill on the Israeli army bravado and quietly get her ass the hell out of there.