Canadian workplace emergency procedures for the hearing impaired?

First of all, let me provide complete questions:

  1. What emergency preparedness standards (if any) are in place in Canadian workplaces for workers who are hearing-impaired?

  2. Is there any Canadian federal or provincial legislation, regulation, or policy that demands employers establish emergency preparedness standards for disabled workers (including, naturally, the hearing-impaired)?

I ask because my wife will be delivering a presentation to an upcoming hearing conservation symposium. From the published abstract of her presentation:

She has found a great deal of material applicable to American workplaces and workers; most notably the US Department of Labor Disability Employment Policy, which is quite useful; and which also makes reference to Executive Order EO13347, “Individuals with Disabilities in Emergency Preparedness.” There is much material also from OSHA in the United States. But neither she nor I seem to be able to find similar Canadian policies, regulations, or legislation.

The symposium itself takes place in Canada and the attendees will be from both the US and Canada. As a result, in addition to the American material, she would like to include Canadian-specific material that addresses the above questions. Can any Dopers help us find it?

Hi, Spoons. Jim is a construction safety officer, and as such, he is familiar with workplace safety regulations, and if he doesn’t know the answer to this question, he’ll probably know where to look to find it. I’ll pass it on to him.

Thanks, featherlou. Any information Jim may have or be able to find would be much appreciated!

I don’t have immediate answers for you, but AFAIK, labour standards are primarily provincial, so while I expect some common approaches province-to-province, there might be differences. Looking into the various Employment Standards and Health and Safety Acts might give you some answers.

The WSIB is probably a great resource specific to Ontario:

This site might help a lot, again for Ontario:

and the Ontario Human Rights Commission:

I suspect the CSST might be the resource you need for Québec, it is the equivalent to the WSIB:

This webpage might be a good general resource:

This is a pdf, but I’m linking to the HTML version:

Sorry for just tossing a bunch of links at you, and they are very Ontario centric, but that’s mainly because I was part of a Health and Safety Committee in Ontario and found that overall, their government websites are well written and easily searchable (they also tend to pop up before those of other provinces when you search and select “Canada only”)

Whichever agency people in other provinces would report a workplace accident to, that’s probably a good place to start!

Okay, got the answer from Jim. Short answer; there are no particular standards in Alberta, but employers are still responsible for provided safe emergency plans for impaired workers. I’ll forward the email to you, Spoons.

Many thanks, mnemosyne, for the links. I’ll take a look at them and I’ll also direct my wife’s attention to this thread, so she can check them out. Thanks again!

And featherlou, I received the e-mail. Good information there–thank you!