Canadians: are you watching the Stanley Cup playoffs?

I read this article about sharply lower hockey ratings in Canada. For those Canadians out there: are you or your friends watching the Stanley Cup playoffs? Why or why not? And is the decline just a one year abberation, or is hockey interest in Canada on the decline?

Nope. No rooting interest in any team. I know a lot of people in the same boat. It simply isn’t interesting to some Canadians if there are no Canadian franchises involved.

I am. I am a Stars fan so I am watching them. Also, the Chicago/ St. Louis series is great. I don’t have too much interest in other series but I think I’ll watch whoever the Caps end up playing in the finals.

I’m surprised. I’m in Toronto every month and it seems like hockey is the ONLY sport in many places. Especially since most of the good players are still Canadian.

That said, over the past couple of years, the success of the Raptors (and Drake) has brought basketball into the spotlight more. I was there during the NBA All Star weekend and Toronto really seemed to be excited about basketball.

That surprises me as well. I’m not Canadian, but in the past, when my team has fallen out of the playoffs, I continue to watch as many games as I can. I still love the sport, and there’s always someone to root for.

I’m Canadian, and I’m not watching for the exact reasons Rick mentioned in post #2. I know my dad and uncle are in the same boat, and quite a few other people I know. It’s just not the same without a Canadian team in the playoffs. I know the nationality of the players has nothing to do with where the franchise is located, but it just feels wrong to cheer on an american team.