Canadians - Do I require postage to mail my passport application to Ottawa?

IIRC, letters being sent to the Government in Ottawa don’t require postage. A passport application goes to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa.

I am assuming I don’t need to put a stamp on it but I don’t know for sure (although I probably will just to be on the safe side unless I can find out positively).

I can’t find anything on either the Canadian Government Passport website or the Canada Post website.


AFAIK, the exemption on paying postage is just for letters to your M.P., not for letters to government in general. I’d be very surpised if your passport application doesn’t require postage, and, since you’re going to be putting your birth certificate in it, I’d send it registered mail.

Another option is to take it to your M.P.'s office. They’ll probably send it off for you gratis.