Canadians, help me pick an Internet, phone, tv option

I currently pay about $150 a month for these services. For this, I get 12 Mbps Internet with unlimited downloads, a home phone (I don’t have a cell phone but I may be getting one this year or next) and basic satellite service. I also have Netflix but I am not happy with it at all.
I would like to maintain my internet service or improve it. I pay too much for a satellite service that I think is pretty crappy. I have been looking at Roku but I don’t think I can get live sports with it.
I am currently with Bell. If I threaten to cancel my service I know that they will cut my fees but I would like other options.

Thank you.

Ps. Does anyone remember when your phone bill was $30 a month and tv was free?

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The deal you have sounds pretty good already to me. Then again I’m in a rural area and don’t have many options.

I live in BC and my provider is Telus. The only other competition in our town is Shaw, but haven’t been with them for a few years, so not sure of their prices.

My monthly costs are:
Land Line: $15
Internet (100GB) $47
Satellite: $75.95
Plus all those other taxes and charges which bring the bill to about $150.00

With the satellite, we are provided three receivers, two of which are PVRs. They have brought digital into our neighbourhood which will give us cable and a stronger wifi, but they can’t hook us up until spring. Seems they want to bury the line across our yard.

What city/province are you in?

I’m in Toronto and I’m happy with Teksavvy as my internet provider.

I am two hours north of you.
Are you paying less than me?

I don’t think that it is a good deal. The options on my satellite package suck. Half the channels are French. The other half is crap network programming like Dancing with the Stars.
I am interested in Roku as an option but do not want to miss live sports.

Not sure what you’re ISP is charging for the phone, but the standard for US cable companies is atrocious. They offer a low (or no) intro rate then hit you for real money later.

I use which, despite the domain, is HQed in Canada. Pay much, much less.

VoIP thru your ISP is considered the biggest price gouge in an industry infamous for gouging.

I live in BC. I use Shaw for Internet and phone. I have a typical land line package and 60Mbps Internet. My bill is about $95/month (taxes in).

I have a pretty decent satellite package through Bell, it’s about $90/month (taxes in). This package has a couple hundred channels, AMC but no HBO or other premium “movie” channels.