Canadians overstaying their visas in the US -- an invasion we must repel with massed force?

There are many Canadian foreigners who are occupying US soil illegally. Should we deploy extra thousands among our military and security forces to root them out? Are they dangerous vermin, including some Middle Easterners? Would this be a winning campaign issue in the last days of the 2018 US election season?

No, because they’ll stop sending down those beautiful high pressure systems that give us relief from the heat during the summer and let us burn up and drown from global warming instead.

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Well, I for one am extremely concerned about members of the gang MZed-13.

Right, so these are the Candian foregners who prefer living in the crack den on the first floor rather than in the very nice apartment on the second?

Does anyone else find it disturbing that Canada has amassed 75% of its population to within 100 miles of the US border? Is an invasion imminent?

The border is secure.

Disturbing? - certainly. But I don’t believe the invasion is imminent.

It’s the time of year when they must all retreat into their igloos, so we have ~5 months to organize our defenses.

Are you operating under the mistaken impression that Snowbirds are peaceful, loving creatures?

You have been warned.

According to a Trailer Park Boys episode, it’s possible to ship marijuana to the States from Canada using a model train. Totally not a secure border.

It doesn’t belong in Elections. Why would it?

I guess your point is, if Trump is willing to use the military to stop a caravan of 5 thousand people from crossing the border then why doesn’t he want to use the military to stop Canadians randomly spread out through the country from overstaying their visas? It’s not a good point.

I assume this is a joke thread that’s supposed to have some sort of sting of reality thingy going, but it isn’t talking about a bunch of folks asking for asylum, instead just some folks who have stayed longer than their visas permit, which isn’t a huge issue. I’d hazard a guess that US citizens similarly overstay their visas when abroad from time to time.

That said we should nuke Canada from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure…

Reminder according to the Straight Dope forums Canada has always fought in defense of itself, never in an offensive war. Thus Canadians are the most peaceful people ever.

I guess whoever told you that forgot about the Korean War.

Please tell me that Justin Bieber and Celine Dion have permanent green cards. Because frankly, you can keep them. Canadians are generous that way.

Save it for the liberal media, snowflake. We all know that maple leaf is really a hand giving us the bird. If it’s a fight they want, they’ll get it!

They had better bring their own beer.

Because they wont like ours.

Ha! One of the few friends I have that likes Bud (in fact, the only friend I have who does) is Canadian. :stuck_out_tongue: