Canadopers: fall federal election[!]

The signs and auguries suggest an election shortly. Thoughts? Rants? Bets?
Here’s a soft lob to start: is NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s campaign to have the governor-general reject any request for a fall election matter to you? Or to voters? Does this “respect” for the Westminster system and the role of the monarch’s representative in the Dominion signal anything more than fear of an election? I vote no, no, and no.

I know everyone is speculating about it, but it seems largely to be based on cynical assumptions about Trudeau trying to score an easy win. I’m not sure those assumptions are entirely accurate.

Even if you think Trudeau is that manipulative, you have to consider: does anyone else in Canada really want an election right now? I think if he does call one early, he’ll pay a price as some voters jump ship to the NDP. If Trudeau is that cynical, he should realize this as well.

As for Jagmeet’s play with the GG, I suspect that’s just ass-covering for the same reason. If he were to support, or even just not oppose, a fall election, he might be a target for the same complaints. This way, if there is no election, it looks like he made an effective move, and if there is an election, he can say it’s not his fault with a straight face.

And really, I think those who don’t want a fall election are probably right - there’s still to much going on, that the government needs to focus on. We don’t need to blow things up now with an election campaign that will distract all the political leaders for months, and possibly end up with a new government scrambling to take control when we’re still in the midst of a crisis.

If this pandemic keeps going long enough, we might have to deal with all that anyways when the current mandate runs out, but I see no reason why we should borrow that trouble any earlier than we have to, especially when there’s still a chance it could be all sorted out by that point.

God I hope there isn’t one. We’ll be averaging one every three years at that point. Personally, I tend to vote Liberal even though I can’t stand Trudeau: I think he meant well, but he’s revealed himself as a callow nincompoop overwhelmed by the job. But as long as the Cons keep foisting Fraser Institute-sanctioned, Western-grievance privatizers upon us as their nominees, I can’t vote for them. And even among my generally left-leaning cohort, I think this is a common sentiment. If there’s an election, voter apathy will be intense (as contradictory as that sounds).

I will vote Liberal, not that it matters since my Lib MP has a lock.

And now I just saw on the CBC website that someone leaked that he might call the GG on Sunday, with an election on Sept 20. So I guess you can just ignore what I wrote above!

Yeah…passed by an office with a TV running the news ticker while I was at lunch. At least the campaign will only be 36 days long. Sigh. We really don’t need this right now.

Same here. I’ll probably vote NDP just to register my displeasure with calling an election so soon, but it likely won’t have any actual effect on my riding.

I don’t really care one way or the other if there’s an election called. I guess if I had to pick I’d say I’d rather not have one. But if there is one I hope he crushes the shirt out of the CPoC. I hope with votesplitting out here in the west that they lose seats here as well. I’d love to see them reduced to two seats again. Just to make it clear to the CPoC that Canadians really do not want their anti-climate change, anti-science, anti-progress agenda. I’d very much like to see social conservatism die in Canada. I’d very much like to see the CPoC stop moving towards being the Republican Party of Canada. I’d very much like for somebody other than Trudeau be PM, but certainly not O’Toole. I will end up voting for whichever party is in second place to the CPoC in my riding, which is likely the NDP.

That’s it in a nutshell. We’ve got a dearth of enticing options in Canada. If there’s someone both competent and charismatic coming down the pike, they’re not on my radar.

I’m of exactly the same mind.

O’Toole and his minions - Pierre Poilievre take a bow! - have been looking at everything Trudeau has done and just said “I wouldn’t have done it that way” with no concrete alternatives.

The positive for an election is that it will either give the Liberals a firm mandate to rebuild or let them know that enough people disagree that they have to find a way to collaborate.

My MP is Carolyn Bennet, who has held the riding for 25 years. I can’t see the Cons or the NDP winning the riding.

As long as the Conservatives still have slime-operatives like Pierre Poilievre involved with them… they’ll never get a sniff of my vote.

I"m predicting the Conservatives will dust off their policy platform from last election, which consisted of one major plank:

“We hate Trudeau and so should you”

That’s it. That’s all they have. They offer no alternatives, no policy,… nothing of substance that I can see.

The papers are claiming rumours of a snap election on September 20. Most Prime Ministers in a minority government would call an election when advantageous. Why would someone as aware as Trudeau do otherwise?

I think O’Toole made attempts to widen the narrow Conservative tent, with more acrimony than success. He is better than Scheer - but still barely there in terms of his impact. They should reinvent the party along lines I previously suggested - emphasizing Conservative ideas like personal freedom and responsibility, eschewing slimy tactics, battling things like immigration only when they are illegal, going after fiscal mismanagement and budgetary issues.

I like Singh, who I see as empathetic and credible, but not enough to make me vote NDP. Of course the GG will not get involved nor should she.

The Liberals have many flaws but are arguably the best choice. They could be fairly criticized for an idealistic foreign policy (China) and on Covid spending (economics). They did well handling Trump and it is far from clear others would have handled Covid better. I will wait to see what the platforms say but would vote Liberal at the moment.

I spent some time during the Harper Era hoping the same thing. I even joined to party to try to vote for a leader who I thought was the only one who might actually do that.

They’ve just kept getting worse, though. I can’t see them changing until they’ve been utterly devastated in an election. I’m talking a Kim Campbell in 1993 kind of thrashing.

That’s pretty much where I’m at, too. I think the aptly named O’Toole is a useless tool and his leadership may be short-lived. I’m a Trudeau supporter although he’s lost a lot of the luster he had for me four years ago, but still the best option.

So I’ll trudge out and vote Liberal, even though it’s discouraging in this particular riding which for some reason is always solidly Conservative. They always run an NDP candidate here, too, and honestly I don’t know why they even bother. I like the NDP in principle but their chances in this riding are precisely zero.

I remain a social liberal and economic conservative. Part of the Conservative party dreams of a dominant church and lecturing to others about what is moral - but the debates on marijuana and abortion are over - as Harper, a decent leader, understood. Part wants to ignore environmental issues which are of importance to growing numbers even though the economy matters. O’Toole was savvy enough to realize this without being influential enough to change minds. Part wants permission to say Trumpian controversies and has widely been deemphasized. Part wants a return to Harper’s (in retrospect) pragmatism. Part wants the West to be as influential as Quebec.

They should not abandon Conservative ideas. Marijuana can be about taxes and personal freedom. Theocratic ideas and Covid economic criticism can be subsumed into personal and community responsibility. They can fund the military. They must fund the police - give them appropriate power and oversight, some things should be done by others. Don’t knock immigration, a plus - knock illegal immigration. Restore business focus and corporate responsibility in the form of fair competition and rights to privacy and freedom from intrusive government. Be fair with unions but firm in establishing performance metrics. But it won’t happen - the same vision prevails and appeals to too few. They must find a way to work with, not against clearly dominant trends.

That can be his campaign slogan!

Your suggestions are all excellent ones, and I believe will be roundly ignored by the Conservatives in the next election. I’m not sure even they know what direction they want to go in.

Dr_Paprika for Prime Minister!

I am too kind and lack the tough skin and towering level of egotism necessary to be a good politician. Maybe I’d be better than Scheer?

The Conservatives need to improve their policies or hope for the Liberal-NDP split. I understand Conservative partisans do not want advice that differs from their current opinions or from me. So the Liberals will likely win again despite many flaws.

There is a union ad out attacking O’Toole by saying he is Harper in disguise. I think this is a compliment - Harper made mistakes muzzling scientists and census data and did not solve problems with pipelines (which are necessary). But he was pragmatic, unified many discordant voices, avoided scandal, took electable positions, made sound economic policy, kept the peace and did better than many give him credit for.