CanaDopers: Welcome a new Canuck!

Yup. My wonderful boyfriend/husband-to-be/guy-that-lives-with-me jeremy evil got a little call from Citizenship & Immigration Canada this morning. His citizenship application was approved and he’s now a proud Canadian! :slight_smile: (No silly test or anything, either.)

My honey can now enjoy all the perks :dubious: of being a bona fide Canuck, not the least of which will be universal healthcare.

I’m going to stuff him with poutine and tourtière (among other things) whilst forcing him to sing all verses of the national anthem in both Official Languages.

Then we’ll not go to a hockey game, and definitely not talk about beavers. :wink:

Still no date set for EvilCivilUnionDope. Stay tuned.

YAY Jeremy Evil!


Big official welcome to the homeland, brother! Keep an eye on scottevil for me. If anything happens to him, I’m going to kick both your asses.


Congratulations to the Evil household. Where are you from, jeremy?

Gingy, he doesn’t post here, but is always kept abreast of interesting threads and Doper goings-on. Anyway, to answer your question, he was born in Connecticut and grew up in Florida. His roots are here, though. :slight_smile:

Well, looks like you’ve set a precedent :smiley:

congratulations to Jeremy Evil :wink:

Sing our anthem with us now… The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen (view the Ren and Stimpy section of your Immigrant’s Handbook)

“Our country reeks of trees,
Our yaks are very large,…”

He’ll need universal healthcare if he has too much of the local cuisine! :wink:

Yay and congratulations. I’m still waiting for my “citizen of Earth” card to come in the mail.

Yay! Looking forward to talking to him around the boards, Scott!

Hey, this is gives me an opportunity to haul out my Canuck jokes. Peachy keen!

You know you’re a Canadian when:
You know how to say free, prize and no sugar added in French thanks to your extensive education in bilingual cereal packaging.

You wonder why there isn’t a 5 dollar coin yet, because you can really use more change (You are already wearing your pants halfway down your ass and the hair and three layers of skin is worn off the front of your thighs from carrying your pocket money a around). The new coin should have a picture of a musk-ox on it, be the size of a hamburger pattie, and have fifteen different kinds of metals in it, including poutine.

You’ve ever tried to buy luch with Canadian Tire money.

Welcome, hoser!

Aha! Score one for teams Canada!
The score nows sits at:
Canada: 52
USA: 30,000


Congrats to you both.
Welcome to the land of maple syrup and excessive cold.

Hey! I had to write a silly test to get citizenship! I sense special treatment :dubious:

Me too! Damn… I knew scott had pull, but that’s not fair!

Oh, pass my welcome to jeremy, anyway.

Ya bastard.

Welcome aboard, new Canadian. Now you can be called a cheese-head without the stigma of being from Wisconsin.

Whatever happens though, don’t try to get up to no good with maple syrup. It’s not nearly as much fun as it sounds.

Welcome to Soviet Canuckistan! :slight_smile: