Canasta - a PC version with my favorite options?

I love canasta. I prefer 2-handed, draw 2, 2 canastas to go out. I have not been able to find a PC version with these options (although I had one years ago). Although I’m a novice at downloading software, I have managed to download several versions. So far these have ended up having only draw 1 or 4-handed. Can someone recommend a version with more options or teach me how to more accurately search for one? Thanks.

(We don’t want to talk about the way we play here at home with 4-6 decks and a mandatory canasta of wild cards plus an in-suit sequence, do we?)

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I’d be anxious to find one too - have looked and other than online versions you play live, I haven’t ever found one. Yahoo Games used to have a good one for the online versions.

I do have a good one for my Android phone. Here is the link to it in the Play store. It’s free.

How does 2 handed Canasta work?

Does the computer have it’s own hand and tries to beat you?

Like computer chess? You play against the computer.

Don’t know anything about the quality of Canasta games, but I do know there’s an emulator called Bluestacks that will let you run Android apps on Windows.

So maybe try running that app you like on that?

Also, for the OP: what version of Windows do you have?