Cancelling a yell?

First let me start off by saying that I know nothing about this sort of thing. Here goes anyway:

I know that in order to cancel a noise you need to send out a signal opposite to it, but could this be done for a yell? In theory could someone yell an opposite “signal” to my yell and cancel it out?

You know this HOW?

Like this perhaps but on a bigger scale.


Well you could build a Fenton Silencer

So, that’s the same phenomenon at work when you see a radio station sending a directional signal with an array of towers, right?

Or stick with the good 'ol Cone of Silence from ‘Get Smart’.

You know - I could swear I posted to this thread! something about silencers for car engines.

maybe there is a way of cancelling out posts with anti-posts.

You’d have to play a sound of the same frequency originating from the same location (your mouth) and time it to get the sound waves 180 degrees out of phase. Figure out how to do that, and you can scream your head off all day and not be heard by anyone