Cancer of....

I guess i’m still kind of in the dark about how cancer actually effects systems and causes death, but i recently read an article about Joel Sigel dying of colon cancer, and this got me thinking. If i were to get cancer of the…spleen, would i be ok since i really don’t need one (if the cancer doesnt spread)? Or would i still be screwed because of the liquids that flow through the spleen carrying cancer cells with it?

That’s a big topic. Here’s the Mayo Clinic website’s stab at explaining cancer for the layman, with lots of links:

Basically, if the cancer spread from your spleen and lodged elsewhere, you’d have a reduced chance of surviving it than if it was removed completely from your spleen before it had spread.

BTW, primary splenic cancer is pretty damn rare in humans, tho I understand it happens in dogs a lot.