Although the thread title and this OP are focusing on one of the great Latin Percussionists, Candido Camero, I would love to see the thread develop wherever you want it to go with Latin Percussion as its main element.

Among the very first LP’s I bought as a teenager was the combined modern jazz stylings of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers on one side and what may have been one of the first experiments with Afro-Cuban drumming as the main draw on the other. The album was called Drum Suite and a good review of it is available at Art Blakey Drum Suite.

The key percussionists were Art Blakey, Sabu, and Candido. An example from YouTube is ART BLAKEY / Cubano Chant.

A much more recent sample of Candido’s playing is at Billy Taylor Trio featuring Candido - Mambo Inn

A bio of Candido is here.

Let’s see who all we can get mentioned and sampled here.

I gave a “featuring Candido” CD (a circa 1960 recording, IIRC) to my godson for his third birthday years ago, and he loved it. Can’t go wrong with congas. I think one of his tunes was featured in the film Dance with Me.

Any idea which “Dance with Me” from this list it may be?

I couldn’t find an IMDb listing for Candido Camero.

Airto, because he played on a Flora Purim album that was in the collection of the first really hot chick I ever banged the living daylights out of in college. And looked like Che (Airto, not the chick).