Candy bar wrappers and carboard inserts

When did candy bar makers quit putting the little cardboard tray inside the candy bar wrappers? My wife opened a Payday yesterday and she lost a few peanuts because the bar was crushed. The cardboard was used to prevent this from happening, right? Do the heartless candy bar makers care about saving a small bit of cardboard more than they do about the candy eating experience?

I always thought the cardboard thingie was there to fill up the wrapper, preventing the consumer from realizing just how tiny the candy bar is. Even with the cardboard thingie, one laways loses some peanuts from a Payday – it’s a rule.

      • The cardboard tray used to just be there to help the package keep its shape, then they started to shrink the candybars a bit while keeping the cardboard tray and package the same size, then they got rid of the cardboard tray altogether–probably for reasons of cost.
  • I am still mad they got rid of chocolate Paydays. When they were available, they were about 30% of my food intake by weight…

Man. I never got to try a chocolate Payday. Sounds like pure heaven, though.

I feel the same way about the transition from the 2-piece candy bar wrappers to the current “shrinkwrapped” wrappers. I liked the ones that had an outside “sleeve” and an inner foil/wax paper wrapper. Those you could slide out the inner wrapper, and then eat your candy bar in pieces. These new ones, the wrapper is difficult to open, and invariably tears the wrong way, leaving you with chocolate all over your hands and “no where” to hold the candybar without getting messier. :mad:

Purely in the interests of science I made a trip to the vending machine.

Test 1)The Twix bar that used to have the cardboard inside was now devoid of it. Hmph, never saw it coming or noticed it happened.

Test 2)M&Ms, never had it that I could remember, still doesn’t.

Test 3) Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll. Made here in St Paul so I’m not sure how widely distributed it is (I know they don’t get 'em in TX because a co-worker just sent a box down to her family). This one had the white insert that it’s always had to keep my nuts from rolling off the roll too much. Sure you lose a couple stragglers, but there’s always more.

Almond Joys still have the little cardboard tray. Although they seem smaller than they used to… and were kind of small in the first place, for the price of a whole candy bar. Tasty though. Candy of this sort (Reece’s cups are in this category as well) is a much better deal in the bigger packages of individually wrapped candies.