Candy hearts written by a neural network

What happens when you train software on a bunch of candy heart sayings and let it generate a few? STANK LOVE

Really, there are others (“CHERT FACE”, “LOVE 2000 HOGS YEA”, “YOU ARE BAG”), but STANK LOVE wins this round.

Part 2, featuring LOVE BAG, F LOVE, and MY HAG. How romantic!

Is it too late to cancel getting my head cut off and my mind uploaded to a neural network?

No, no, don’t. They really need your help.

she was the one who posted the hilarious paint names created by an AI, right?

Yes: Part One and Part Two.

Pickup lines, in honor of National Cheap Candy Day.

D&D spells

A brewery is using a beer name the neural network came up with.

I likes me some stank love.