Candy question

Does anyone remember the name of a candy bar that was braided carmel covered in chocolate? I have been trying to remember it all day, but can’t. I’m pretty sure it was in a red wrapper.

I think it was called a marathon bar…was it about a foot long and was the yummiest candy ever…

Yep, that was a Marathon bar.

Marathon bar and a Super Big Gulp = Teenager Health Food

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

I remember eating that candy bar as a kid and having the thing last for a couple of days since the caramel was so chewy and the bar was so long. Yum…that was a great candy bar. Do they still make it?

Wasn’t it called a Curlie Wurlie?

It’s a Curly Wurly in Britain (and now bite size Curly Wurlie Squirlies - much easier to handle), but was a Marathon when I was growing up in the US. To add to the confusion, when I wanted a Marathon I was handed a Snickers! (but this is probably old ground - I know the American renaming of old favourites comes up at least twice a year among my friends)

Like the 100,000 Dollar Bar became 100 Grands. Guess there were to many syllables before.

Quick Claude: I’m Quick Claude. I do everything fast, matey!

Parrot on QC’s shoulder: Aaawk! It’s Marathon Man!

Marathon Man: Betcha can’t eat a Marathon bar fast… Quick Claude.

Quick Claude tears off wrapper and jams bar in mouth.

QC: Ummmm. Chewy…

I hate me. I’m gonna be a big hit at the home.

“Nurse, wheel Mr. essvee into the solarium. He won’t shut up about that Quick Claude person again.”