Canned salmon sandwich

I used to work with an English woman who would bring sandwiches for lunch that she made with canned salmon. There was no mayonnaise involved. The bread was buttered, and I think the only thing in the salmon was vinegar… maybe something else. The sandwiches were absolutely delicious. I’ve never been able to re-create the salmon filling mixture. Anyone make this kind of sandwich?

Not a sandwich, but I’ll eat canned salmon straight from the can with just a little salt, pepper, and lemon juice mixed in. Maybe a little dill if it’s handy. Hell, I’ll eat it straight from the can without adding anything.

Which is the best brand of canned salmon in your opinion?

I love salmon patties made with canned salmon. Anything breaded and fried in butter is okay in my (cook)book.

I have a can of salmon…cajun flavored, I believe…that needs eating; thanks for the reminder!

I make a salmon salad kind of thing with can salmon. Basic tuna substitution. Tis good! Haven’t heard of the butty variation.

I don’t put mayonnaise in mine either.

Multigrain bread, buttered, salmon, salt, pepper and a bit of Louisianna hot sauce.

Sockeye salmon is the best, according to a thread I started about a year ago on this subject. I’ve been buying only sockeye ever since. Mayonnaise is an American thing that I never acquired a taste for.

I get cans from the Alaska fishery. Scoop it right out, plop it on a saltine with a dab of mustard and/or Tabasco. Two saltines and it’s a sandwich in my book. With cheaper canned salmon, I just do what Eugene of Sandwich does, a dab of mayo and some chopped celery. No good reason not to.

I usually get Bumblebee Pink salmon cans. The little ones because I’m the only one eating it. The quality has declined over the years. The quantity has declined also, there’s less meat and more liquid now. I’ve tried other brands over the years with mixed results, but the Bumblebee is the one that’s consistently available so I stick with that. One brand, I don’t recall the name, used to be common around here. It wasn’t a solid chunk of fish, just a can full of scraps, but it was good. I don’t mind bones and skin, but that seems to bother some people.

Also, I make salmon patties like crab cakes. Mix in some bread cubes and Old Bay and fry 'em in a pan.

According to Bumblebee Foods, their name comes from a fishing boat. (Watch the video at the bottom of the page.)

Just something I thought was fun.


Speaking of Bumblebee Foods, A worker was cooked to death at a Bumble Bee plant in California.

I wonder if I could get that batch of salmon at a discount.

Reminds me of Felix Crocker, a character in a play, who fell into a vat of peanut brittle and hardened to death. His widow, Betty, was quite distraught, you bet, and began cooking up a storm…

Only buy the Sockeye variety (also called Red Salmon) . The Pink Salmon tastes of mud, and is only fed to dogs in Alaska.

I had a big can of pink salmon (I was saving it For An Emergency). I picked out the skin and bigger bones, because I think they’re gross, and it was an ugly grayish pink. So I mixed it into cold cooked pasta, with celery, onion, and mayonnaise to disguise it. Best pasta salad I ever made, though it didn’t look like much, there was something about the moist texture that was really good, and the taste was excellent.