Cannibal cows?

I came across this statement: ‘[T]hey feed cattle pulverized other cattle ofal [sic] with antibiotics in most of the cattle industry.’

I think I’ve heard of chickens being fed chicken byproducts, but I have not heard of cattle being fed cattle byproducts. Is the statement I read true, or false?

Not so much anymore after the outbreaks of mad cow disease.


Meat & bone meal and tallow can be used in feed additives for dairy & beef cattle, though typically vegetable protein meals are adequate for the requirements and more economic.

You can get a good 12-14% crude protein, 10MJ/kg DM cattle feed without using meat meal and it’s effect on palatability can be an issue.

For the 18-20% CP and significantly higher energy feeds required by broilers and growing pigs to formulate rations without meat and offal by-products can be prohibitively expensive.