Cannibals prefer Chinese take-away?

When European gold diggers in Australia went into the jungle they would take a chinaman to walk in the lead and another one at the end. That way, when the cannibals attacked they would snatch up the Chinese and leave the Europeans alone. The cannibals favoured Chinese meat as it was less salty and they could keep them fresh longer by hanging them up in the trees by their long hair.

True or false? Anything to it?

Of course not, because they’d just be hungry again in an hour.

Yeah, that was an obvious joke, but somebody had to get it out of the way.

Don’t know but I recommend you start with a cite of where you saw or heard this. I was not even aware that Australia ever had cannibals.

I’ve seen it repeated two times by different people on NewsNet and once on a blog discussion thread. I don’t know if it’s a myth through and through, just a joke, or there is some grain of truth in there somewhere.

Perhaps it was Australian golddiggeres in New Guinea.

Why would Chinese human flesh be less salty? I would expect the salt content of human flesh to be more or less constant across the globe (except perhaps in cases where the individual is actually dying of some electrolyte deficiency).

On account of their diet supposedly. I’ve umm… heard umm… that other umm… human bodily fluids umm… definitely change taste with the diet.

Sure, but that’s not usually salt-related - AFAIK, the salt concentration in the human body has to remain pretty constant, or you just get seriously ill because things like kidney and nerve functions stop working properly.

Danes are a revolting people. They have a snack which you can buy in all small shops and food stores, which is dried or grilled pigs skin. It’s eaten like other sane people would candy, chips or peanuts. The taste comes from when the pig is about to be slaughtered and it is scared shitless and it sweats like a, like a rapist (to keep to the Australian touch – when I was in Australia, a sports commentator had to face some very harsh words for having made this comment on air about a player during a rugby match. “That mr. Jones, he’s sweating like a rapist not”. Australians are pretty revolting too). The pigs sweat permeates the pigskin and gives it the flavour the Danes think so highly of. Perhaps the Chinese scared less easily that Europeans. Or at least sweat less, so the skin would be nice and crisp but without the nasty European salty taste. You always also hear Chinese thinks Europeans stink because they sweat so much.

Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.

Brits are also revolting people - we call those Pork Scratchings. Delicious.

As for taking a Chinese person with them; it wouldn’t be cost-efficient to feed and water, plus keep watch on the prisoner (I presume the take-up rate for the paid job of Cannibal-decoy-sacrifice would be poor). And why would the cannibals stop at just eating the chinese person, when a Euro-Asiatic buffet is on offer?

Pork scratchings are great; it’s just crispy skin; same as crispy bacon rind, just a different shape. The salt is added during manufacture.
I can understand why people might have reservations about eating it though.

I just plain don’t believe the bits about sweaty/fearful pigs etc in this connection; that whole post seems like it could do with an infusion of… welll… fact.

This coming from a guy called Mangetout. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me, I was not aware Australia had any cannibals either. Or jungles near the goldfields.

A few problems with this:

[li]Places where there were gold rushes in Australia were not jungles. There aren’t any real jungles in Australia, but the gold rushes tended to be in relatively arid and/or temperate regions.[/li][li]By the time the gold rushes took place, the Aboriginal population of those areas had been depleted.[/li][li]Even if there was a significant Aboriginal population, it would be more cost-effective to use guns to defend against them. [/li][/ul]

What the OP posts is extremely important. It’s a modern example of a shibboleth - “A [belief] that distinguishes people of one group or class from those of another.”

IOW, if you’ll believe this you’ll believe anything. Do you realize how valuable that makes you to scammers? :smiley:

I thought pigs do not have sweat glands.


Let’s see how this sweats out in Great Debates.



And Revtim, you owe me a new monitor. :smiley:

But if they put a Chinese person in the lead, wouldn’t they run a risk of becoming disoriented?

Alright. I suppose I didn’t think it had enough meat on it to a GD.

This cannibal seems to agree that europeans are more salty (but far better than pig - I have to look on the small print, next time I pick up a bag of pork scratchings):

Wanderings among South Sea Savages and in Borneo and the Philippines

On the other hand, there seems to be general agreement amongst cannibals than human flesh is too salty.

These Australian cannibals also find European whites too salty - they also thinks the chinaman is quite tasty, and apparently less salty - :

Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine