Does human flesh really taste like pork?

Does human flesh really taste like pork?

According to many second-hand accounts, yes. I’ve never seen a first-hand account.

The second-hand accounts I’ve heard all said it tastes like chicken. No first-hand accounts here either, sorry. Why not give it a go and report the results? Fighting ignorance and all that.

Having tried a vast array of different meats in South Africa (not human, I hasten to add), I can declare that almost every different animal has its own unique taste, and so comparing human to chicken or pork would be pretty much like saying that chicken tastes like pork.

The diet of the animal contributes at least a little to the flavour of the meat (corn fed chickens taste different to those fed on other grains/foods - farmed trout fed on pellets tastes different to wild trout - some people claim that bacon from pigs fed on fish meal tastes fishy).
Pigs are very broadly omnivorous(like humans) and are often fed on the same foods as humans (or the leftovers thereof), so maybe that is part of the reason.

yes - didn’t islanders often refer to whitemen as long-pigs -

though that may have been because of their smell as well

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No, is not ‘for real’

Well, according to Paul Theroux, humans taste like Spam, which is a pork product. He got that little nugget from formerly cannibalistic natives in the Pacific islands.

Of course, he admitted to Cecil that he made that little nugget up, too, so there’s no help there.

For some odd reason it tastes alot loke soylent green.


If pig meat is pork, and cow meat is beef, and deer meat is venison, what is man meat called?

The column in question, which includes Theroux’s joke, “What’s really in Spam?”.

Enola: I call it “delicious.”

Now that’s odd. Why would human meat taste like a vegetable product? There’s no meat at all in Soylent Green.

If you can find firsthand accounts by Lewis Keseberg, you might have your answer. He was a member of the Donner party willing to talk about eating human flesh.

I don’t know that he ever said what it tasted like, though.

Save an animal, eat a PETA member? :wink:

Really? Did you eat a vegetarian? I thought more like wild pork :smiley:

What do the people who practice placenta eating say the placenta tastes like?

Well, since generally the ‘meat’ names come from the French (the Norman conquerors just ate the food, only their Saxon subjects dealt with the actual animals), I guess it would be something along the lines of ‘homme’.

That said, there’s probably no word for it, because it’s not commonly talked about.

Why, yes it does.