Can't clear Firefox location suggestions

I’ve been around and around with Mozilla help pages, and it’s like they’re lying or something. Pages appear in my URL suggestions that are not in my history, especially since I uninstalled Firefox and deleted all its folders last night, then reinstalled it.

I’ve searched the history, I’ve tried deleting the suggestions from the address bar when they drop down, but they reappear. I’m at my wit’s end. Also, “clear recent history” function is simply dead. I have no idea.

You can’t just uninstall Firefox. You have to delete your profile–which is probably corrupted.

Go to about:support (type that in your address bar) and click the Show Folder button. Close Firefox, and delete that folder.

Or, if you want to try something less drastic, click the Refresh Firefox button.

EDIT: If you’d ratehr get there with the mouse, click the three line button, then the (?) button, and then Troubleshooting Information. That will open a tab to about:support.