Can't Even go Fishing Anymore. :(

Just to give you a little taste of living on our southern
Illegal immigration really isn’t the biggest concern here, although the national media would like you to believe. :frowning:

You gotta click the button that looks like a globe with an infinity sign under it, then paste the URL into it, then it’ll look something likethis. Drug cartels robbing people while fishing? Seriously WTF? They seem pretty brazen about it too.


I got a malware warning when I clicked on the link.

Same here – anyone want to summarize the story?

Here’s an article from a different site, CBS channel 7 in west Texas.

If they’re making it part of their standard practice to rob people, then it’s no longer simply a drug cartel; it’s a crime syndicate. If they’re doing it to boaters, then they’re pirates.

Yeah, I’ll give that about a week before a boatload of yahoos gets themselves killed by trying to set an “ambush” for these guys.

And I thought this would be about the oil leak…

Wow that sux. Won’t matter anyway as soon as Obama makes fishing illegal.

Good. All you meanies need to leave the poor little sea kittens alone anyway. :mad:

Ya’ll are too funny! Sorry for the malware thingy–I’ve never had a problem with the site.

Still can’t load that link…