Can't find software for rotating monitor screen & Dell rant

I recently bought a Dell LCD monitor, which is very good. However, Dell has the worst (or non-existant) support I have ever had the misfortune to experience.

First, they had no registration card in the box, despite having a one-year warranty. I called to try to register and after going through numerous people, finally got somebody who, after going for help, said they could not register it, but the vendor had to do that! They must be the only company in the world who won’t register their own product.

I then had a technical question and after a half-hour, gave up in disgust as could never get a live human being. What a stupid way to do business. Despite having good products, I’ll never buy from Dell again. Mutter. Grumble.

Anyhow, the question (which never got an answer to from Dell either). The monitor screen rotates 90 degrees to vertical. The description of the monitor said the sofware would also rotate the desktop, but there is nothing at all that I could find that does this. Of course, the CD they included does not work!

Somewhere I found Dell is supposed to have drivers that can be downloaded to permit this, but after another fruitless search, never did find them either, other than some nVidia ones only for Win XP.

That begins to make me wonder if this process can work for me, as I use Win98 (don’t ask) on all my computers. Is this feature only available for XP, or is there any program I can find that will work with my OS?

What monitor do you have? (Model). What video card do you have?

If you have an nVidia card, download the drivers from their website (link for nVidia GeForce cards) and use the included control panel to rotate it back in place.

Also check to see if the monitor’s button will allow you to rotate the screen.

Go to and in the search bar at the top type (without quotes) “Rotate Monitor” Scroll down a bit and click on one of the “Rotating Your Monitor” articles. (I don’t know if it makes a difference as to which monitor you pick) and go from there. I didn’t go any further then that, but I believe the article tells you how to do it and where to download the software from if you need it.