Windows XP help!!--my screen display just rotated 90 degrees!

I was happily using the computer as nomal, when the cat suddenly jumped onto the keyboard (yes, really… I’m not making this up)

Instantly, the entire screen rotated 90 degrees.
The only way I can post this now (without twisting my head parallel to my desk), is because I picked up my screen and am holding it on its side. (With the footbase of the screen along the left side, perpendicular to the floor. One hand holding the screen, and one hand typing.))

How do I tell Windows XP (service pack 2) to re-set the display to normal?
my computer is now basically unusable. HELP!

(And why in the hell did Microsoft’s programmers invent such a stupid idea, and then write hundreds of lines of code to do something which has NO useful purpose?And then make some sort of secret key combination to activate it? I’ve tried every possible combo of ctrl +alt + windows key, etc )

I don’t know what hotkey combination might have triggered it, but if you click on a blank bit of desktop, then click Properties>Settings>Advanced, there’s probably a ‘rotation’ option somewhere in the graphics card driver.

The function exists because some monitors can swivel to provide a portrait-format screen (supposedly useful for people working on page layouts etc), and some tablet PCs and laptops can be used either way too.

A possible reason and solution:

Mangetout’s instructions will let you fix it.

I would like to know what key combo sets this off, as I’ve done this to myself several times playing Zelda Classic games. [Perverse, why would there need to be a keyboard shortcut to rotate the screen.]

I’ve never been able to remember what my fingers are doing to figure it out. I end up in a panic because I don’t want to lose my point in the game, monsters are after me, and the WHOLE SCREEN IS SIDEWAYS. Aaaah!

Thanks, GIGobuster. your fix works.
(Now, if I can just teach the cat to stay off the keyboard… But actually, when you think about it, she pulled off a neat trick. You have to hit 3 keys at once to do this, and us poor humans only got 2 hands. Now, she landed with all 4 feet simultaneously, and 3 of 'em were in the right place]—so I wonder how much extra mischief she could do if she hit 4 keys at once :slight_smile:

Heh heh…I’m going to use this later for some office fun.

I don’t think Microsoft did this. At my last company, we used Dells, and this key combo let me play lot’s of jokes.

My current company uses IBMs, and this key combo doesn’t work.

Good times.

It’s not Microsoft. It’s the video card drivers. Mine doesn’t do this, though I can set up a key combination to flip from landscape to portrait for if I ever need to rotate my monitor into that position. (It’s a Dell 2005FPW, and is capable of doing so. I’ve just never had any reason to need it.)

Yes, it’s either graphics card drivers or sometimes a separate utility that comes with the monitor - my Samsung monitor here came with one - because the screen swivels into portrait position
-it even has a sensor that switches the display automatically, but it’s uncomfortable to view in portrait mode because of the narrow vertical viewing angle that becomes a narrow horizontal one, making one eye always see a darker or more contrasty image than the other.

The OP might be interested in this product.

And the control and alt keys are probably next to each other, and a cat’s pawprint is bigger than most computer keys, so your moggie probably only needed two-paw precision.

Spoil sport! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. IIRC, this only works with Intel integrated graphics cards.