Can't find the Staff Report about signing the back of your credit card?

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Bumping to keep this one near the top

In 1991, I experienced some identity theft and charges on my cards. Since then, I’ve put See ID on all of my cards. I rarely get asked for ID, but I have never once been confronted with anything other than something like, “it says, ‘see ID’?” I show my ID, and make the purchase.

In other words, using the See ID method has been zero effort or problem since 1991. And while nobody has tried to use my cards since then (that I’m aware of), it hasn’t helped, but in situations where a salesperson is involved, I probably get asked for ID 10%-25% of the time. The people most likely to look at my ID are clothing retailers.

I could see dropping and losing my card at the mall and having some stupid kid trying to use it without ID and getting caught/stopped, or seeing that it says See ID and not taking the chance.

It may seem like it’s not very likely to happen, but again, it’s been zero effort or problem to do it this way.