Can't find thread about mockingbirds

I thought I’d read a thread recently on SDMB about mockingbirds. Some user posted a link to a video of a tropical bird (not a mockingbird) that was imitating cameras, chain saws, and other man-made noises. I’ve been trying to search for it, but can’t seem to remember the right keywords to find it.

Does anyone remember this thread?

Why do Mockingbirds Mock?

Recently seen in GQ. First response when I searched the keyword “mockingbirds”.

ETA: The bird making the camera noises etc. is a Lyrebird

I came out of my house the other day, and I swear a bird was imitating the exact chirp-chirp my keyless entry makes on my Subaru.

For people who don’t want to hit the link, the bird in the video is a lyre bird and it’s easy to find on YouTube.

I see where I screwed up. I tried “mocking”, “mocking bird”, “mockingbird”, but not "mockingbirds. Thanx for the assist.

Question asked, question answered, thread closed.