Can't Fix Laptop - Warranty Issue

Nearly three years ago my SO purchased a laptop from Staples, a Canadian big box store. She purchased the store’s extended warranty. As the warranty was almost up we finally brought the laptop in for repair.

The repair issues were, the touchpad buttons worked intermittently and the sound was busted. After hunting down the three year-old receipt we returned it for a warranty repair. All went well, the store took it, said they’d send it away for repair and we’d get a phone call within 10 business days. Today, four days later, we get a message from them saying they cannot repair the laptop and in compensation they would give us $653.43 in store credit.

After a little shock I figured that they cannot repair the touchpad buttons because they need to be replaced and the parts don’t exist anymore. Ok, fine, but then, what should we do?

Should we barter for a better offer? Is the store’s offer a lowball offer? We cannot find any of Staples warranty information online, so I cannot read the fine print of the warranty. I’m really wondering what their obligations to us are. Should we be demanding a new (comparable) replacement laptop?

Opinions? And can anybody find online warranty information for Staples?

If you can get more money out of them, great. But after looking at the Staples Canada website, I found you can get new notebook systems for less than $653 (or slightly more than that for nicer ones). And I’ll bet that almost any new one today will be better than that three-year-old model.

Just buy a new one. For $650 it will probably be better than the three year old model.