Can't get a live person at mortgage company

My Daughter and her Beau bought a condominium last year.
About 4 months ago they got notice that their mortgage was sold to another company.

They need to talk to someone at that company regarding getting the PMI taken off.
Problem is there is only 1 telephone number and it’s impossible to get ahold of a live person. The automated system simply won’t allow it. Doesn’t even put you on hold. Just keeps looping around asking how 'it" can help.

They have searched for other numbers to no avail. They also wrote letters to the various addresses and have gotten no response. I’ve checked around for them and also came up empty. The automated system is crazy. Promises to get you to a live person then doesn’t.

Meanwhile they’re still paying PMI when they believe the have enough equity to stop. Like pumping gas into another guys car.

I thought it was hyperbole when they first told me the story but after checking into it they are right. Is there any way short of flying down to Texas and staking out the P.O. Box their payment goes to to get a hold of someone?

The company is Mr Cooper

I’m surprised that it was Mr Cooper. My mortgage was sold to them and I’ve had to call them several times over the years and have always gotten someone super helpful right away. The last time was over a year ago so things may have changed.

I’ll take a look tomorrow morning and see if I can still get a hold of them and report back.

Social media sometimes works - message them (publicly) on Twitter saying that you have an issue you need to discuss urgently but the phone system refuses to connect you to anyone and that letters go unanswered. You should get a pretty quick response inviting you to send a private message outlining your issue and there’s a least a chance that you will then be in contact with a sentient human being.

Thank you. If you do get a hold of someone please let me know which number you called.

Well, school is out for summer.


My mortage is also with Mr. Cooper and I’ve found that messaging through the online portal is almost always a more efficient way to get in touch with them. I can’t actually remember the last time I tried calling them first.

That said, I do remember that very early on with them I had a question that I sent through the online portal and they requested that I call them and gave me a number - so perhaps suggest that your daughter/her person take that path?

Well that was frustrating, or would have been if I was the one with a problem. I went through the phone tree a few different ways and I couldn’t get to a live person. I was talking to them back during the Covid mortgage pause so they had probably staffed up.

A little Googling tells me that they’ve had a few massive layoffs since the pandemic.

Have you called your original loan officer? Even though the mortgage was sold your original mortgage company can still help out.

Their website spells out a very specific and detailed process for requesting that PMI be cancelled ‘early:’

They have a couple of issues they need to discuss but there was no need to weigh the thread down with them. I’ll have to punt this back to Sax along with some of the suggestions given here.

Now I know it wasn’t just us. Pretty crappy customer service if you ask me.

Terrible. I hope I don’t have a problem some day.