Can't get IP address--fried network card?

We had several power outages today, now one of my computers can’t get an IP address from the router. It’s connected on the same subnet as this one I’m using–my laptop. Obviously I have connectivity, but that doesn’t mean I can get an IP, since the laptop has a battery and didn’t reboot during the outages. Is there any way I can find out what is wrong with the other PC (running WinXP Home Edition)?

Is it possible that the router for this subnet has connectivity but won’t let it get an IP address? Is the network card in the PC toast? I’m stumped.

The network configuration is: Cable modem connected to router. Two PCs plugged into that router. Long cable from that router to a 2nd in my home office. Laptop and problem PC plugged into 2nd router. Three happy lights on 2nd router–uplink and 2 computers. Wiggled all network cable connectors to be sure they’re plugged in tight; they are.

My first thought would be the DHCP server in the router isn’t handing out IP’s.

I would try this first. Power off all devices then power on in this order (make sure each one comes all the way up before moving to the next device).

  1. Cable modem
  2. 1st Router
  3. One of the computers on that router.

Verify IP’s are being passed out.

  1. 2nd router
  2. the wired PC having problems.

Verify IP’s are being passed out.

If all is good, then fire the others up.

If still no joy after **NoCoolUserName’s ** advice, try this:

Go to Start/Run and type CMD and click OK. This should open a command prompt window. At the command propt, type ping

If you get a response from pinging the NIC, it is probably OK. If no response, it is fried.

Sorry, that was **Seven’s ** advice, of course. :smack:

Thanks. Pinging works properly (Sent = 4, Received -4, Lost = 0). The computers that connect directly to the primary router are fine ( and and this laptop still has I’m afraid to release it for fear of not getting it back.

Can I give the other PC a hard IP of and not worry about the router?

Did you try resetting the 2nd router yet?

Yes, put in, subnet, default gateway DNS servers you will have to look at your laptop. Run IPCONFIG/ALL from a command prompt. If that works then the NIC card is good. Change back to DHCP and try agian.