Can't Keep Track of My Musical Tastes

Hello Dope Dopers!

TLDR: How do you personally keep track of the music you enjoy? Not just music files, albums, or such, but an ongoing list of what you like?
I grew up listening to oldies pop from 30’s-60’s from my mom, as well as classic rock, progressive rock, and the like from 60’s onward from my dad, as well as punk rock from 70’s onward from my sister. As a kid I’d grab a CD that looked cool and listen. As I got a little older I started to lean more heavily on certain collections. By 18 I had a large listing of mp3’s I listened to daily. By 23 I had changed the way I listened to/perceived music by several orders of magnitude.

I now use the program MusicBee to manage my music library.

At 26, I currently feel like I am lost in an ocean of music. I have a beautiful boat to make my way around - MusicBee is an excellent application. The waters look pleasant - I have just scratched the surface of prog, really. But I don’t know any way to systematically approach music anymore. I used to just follow where my passions led me, but now that I’ve “discovered” all the obvious bands I have no plan of attack. The results have me randomly searching for prog rock albums.

Also, I have a lot of music that I know but haven’t downloaded/purchased.
I love Elvis, for example, but never got around to downloading. I wish I had some systematic way to review artists for downloading.

And lastly, my musical tastes seem to change with the weather quite dramatically. For example; 311, Sublime, really any punk rock, is all summer music to me. Nirvanna, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, are all Fall/Early Winter music to me.

But I want to be able to get into my car, turn on my MP3 player and listen to something as random as, say, Beach Boys - All Summer Long - shoot I feel like I can’t even articulate this problem. Maybe I can play off some suggestions to get a better idea of it.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but I create playlists to match my mood (like music for working out, music for driving, music for relaxing, music for sexy time, etc.).

I suppose that would somewhat cover it. I did that in high school easily because my musical range was so limited.

There has been so much music from the 1900’s onward. I wish I had SOME way of classifying it all and getting some of the oldies that are easy to forget. keeps track of your musical tastes over time, if that’s what you’re asking for. I’m not sure what you’re asking for. I mean, wouldn’t your entire music library already be an ongoing list of what you like?

If what you’re asking for is how to find new music, has that too. They suggest bands based on what you like, however it’s an overall suggestion and does not take into account that you’ve since moved on from stoner metal in the last few days. There’s also band suggestions based on what other users listen to - visit a band page and it’ll list bands that people also listen to along with the main band. And you can just dive into their tags and cherry pick some bands off the top of say “lo-fi” or “atmospheric black metal” to see if you like it. Last I knew you could preview all the music on the site, though that may have changed as I haven’t bothered with that in years.

Ipod shuffle knows what I need to hear and when.’

The other day, a pathology assistant down the hall fired up his Stryker saw to cut through a bone specimen , and just then the theme from the movie “Psycho” came on. :eek:

I used a very specific strategy: I’d find a composer I liked…and then get everything I could find of his! I went through remarkable Prokofiev phases, Bach binges, Orff orgies, and even All-You-Can Alkan. These go into “shrines” or special segregated collections.

“Serial monomania.” It’s fun!

But…ultimately…it’s a matter of memory. Do I already have that particular piece by Vivaldi? Why…yes, and in four different performances. Oh, well!