Can't kill them all, a-hole.

So, we’ll see how much of this story holds up, this is yahoo news after all. So my original position will be to expect that there’s almost nothing to do with atheism at all, just that the guy in question is an atheist and also a murdering asshole.

But, to give yahell news the benefit of they don’t deserve any, but here’s some doubt anyway, assuming angry atheist guy killed believers primarily or even secondarily because of his atheism-

  1. You can’t kill them all, asshole. Most of them are decent people. And you, being an asshole, have no right to act as their judge and executioner.

  2. Even if we were in the extreme majority, you still shouldn’t kill them, asshole.

  3. Opal.

Disagreeing about what color the invisible unicorn is, is not a disagreement worth killing over.

Here’s a disagreement worth killing over: I think I should live, and you think I should die. That’s a disagreement worth killing you over.

You might be right that some religions stick their nose in the business of non-subscribers way too often, with a supremacist attitude that is unwarranted, with self-importance and self-righteousness that is unwarranted.

Yeah, so, what’s your point? If you think you can walk around with a substitute for a cock tucked inside the holster and execute young girls (or young boys, or old women, or old men, or the fucking neighbor’s dog for that matter…) then you’ve got the unwarranted self-importance problem and thensome.

Execute the fucker. I’m a ranty atheist too, but I don’t shoot people after I’m done ranting.

Parking spaces are neutral when it comes to religion. That seems to have more to do with this than religion.

I don’t think he’s an atheist. Never seen him at meetings, anyway.

Hypothetical question: if an atheist kills some people because of their religion, is it a religiously-motivated killing?

Yes. Q.E.D.: Religion is bad.

The guy had issues with other tenants over parking rules apparently. And while women in headscarves may have irritated him or caused him unnecessary fear, it does seem to be more about parking than being an atheist.


You can’t kill THEM all…

Most of THEM are decent people…

Even if WE were in the majority…


The “parking dispute” angle strikes me as pretty credulous. In the history of the country, how many parking disputes end in execution-style murders of three young people inside their apartment? Rage killing? Sure. Going to their apartment and popping a bullet in each of their foreheads? I’m not seeing it.

I suspect that if the religious identities were reversed, the only question would be whether he was a “lone wolf” or part of Al Qaeda core. Which is not to say that anyone should jump to conclusions, but it would be nice if our conclusion-jumping weren’t so biased.

Just curious…Self-proclaimed Atheist…is there any other kind?

The Atheist label is based on a Facebook post Hicks made. It’s an attempt by news reporters to determine his motive for the shootings and fan the fires. His neighbors said he was mean to everybody, not any specific religions or ethnicities.

Yes, pronouns. Pronouns good.

Capitalization too, it seems.

That sounds a lot more plausible to me, because I’m aware of the media’s fun button, being atheism. It gets clicks.

That’s probably what this was all about.

Folks that aren’t atheist need to understand what it’s like to be an atheist-

Outside of websites, all my friends are religious, all my family members are religious, all my girlfriends have been religious. Every person that I work with is religious. I’m one out of a hundred people, particularly in the south. I am going to settle down and start a family, most likely, with a religious woman, who will want to raise her children to be religious, and I’m not going to stop this from happening.

You can’t just* hate religious people,* because they’re every single fucking person you’ve ever met.

The amount of actual admitted atheists I’ve met in real life? Almost zero.

If you hate religious people, then you hate everyone and you’re a fricking misanthrope with an excuse. I hate religion. I don’t hate religious people.

I would like to hear a little more detail about the parking issue before I make a judgment.

Did these 3 young people own a Porsche or a Corvette and park it diagonally across the lines to take up two parking spaces so that no one could park next to them?

When I see that sort of parking behavior it makes me think about murder.

Unlikely to be the case but…

I just park my 89 honda right behind them, lock it, and leave it there.

I see it as a public service, they’re taking up 2 spaces, I’m taking up zero spaces, and teaching them about parking etiquette. And balance has been restored to the universe.

You see, karma doesn’t exist on its own. It’s something we do.

I’d be really surprised if he was charged with a hate crime, aren’t they required to be a little more indiscriminate?

I’ve had plenty of neighbors I couldn’t stand, if I was going to shoot someone they’d be high on the list and it never had anything to do with their religion, race, sexual orientation or any other protected class.

You can smugly tell yourself that when you find you car keyed, tires slashed, windows broken, or sugar in the gas tank.

Not true, but I don’t live in the U.S.

The harsh penalties that ensue for coming out of the closet, affecting the most humble of the humble to the highest political office in the land, is U.S./Mideast centric.


Stockholm syndrome.

I know what it’s like being an atheist, and in this country, Canada, it ain’t a big deal, even in the onetime jackboot Roman Catholic, priestly downtrodden Quebec.

It isn’t an underlinable concern anywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere, either. Perhaps you should consider emigration.

Anyone see NoiseNatzi lately?

I’m not sure why he can’t be both motivated by bigotry and an irrational overreaction to a parking issue.

Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was mentally ill.

I’m actually reminded of the silly attempts to insist some of the “lone wolf” attacks like Major Hassan, the guy who shot up the Jewish community center in Seattle or abortion clinic bombers weren’t motivated by religion but were mentally ill.

Er…why not both.