Can't Locate Thread

In the last week or so I noticed a spike in the number of visitors to my web site. It has continued through yesterday. My stats server showed the single largest souce of the hits were coming from this forum, but because it is PHP it did not reveal the specific thread. Naturally curious, I came to browse The Straight Dope Board. Not being a member, I was unable to run a search. However, after several visits and having read several promising threads I was no closer to the actual topic that has produced the increase in traffic.

Early this morning I joined the board. I have run countless searches for every variation I can think of on the subject of the page getting the most hits. Unfortunately, running a search on my URL produces zip results. I’m still a complete Newbie to this forum and hope someone will be kind enough to point me to the thread.

While it may sound like I might be trying to sustain the traffic, my only real desire is to find the thread that produced the traffic. The page title on my site is Windows “TEMP” Directory Cleanup. To avoid the appearance of advertising, I’ll just say that the domain name is similar to my handle, minus the “52”, plus the standard dot com.

Can anyone help this dufus newb locate the active thread?

It came from this thread and post here:

Sorry, try this instead and scroll down to SkipMagic’s post.

BTW, our Eutychus is a moderator on this board.

Thanks AMP. I actually scanned through that thread but missed that. I was obviously looking for the wrong thing…

Whew. For a second there I thought Eutychus55 was back. What a poseur he was. :rolleyes:

Naw, we got rid of him back when we kicked out Wildestbill and JDT. Yeah, he was a rube wasn’t he?

Just be glad I don’t read this forum.

Yay! I’ve been mentioned in an ATMB thread! Now I can die happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I edited the quote, Skip, the link was screwing up the column width.

Now I’ve even been edited. Methinks this rapturous morning should never end. :slight_smile:

Now I have questions. I too have had a hard time with the search feature. I just posted in IMHO thread about my dry flakey scalp. I tried to key in dry flakey scalp in the search and it said something about your words are less than 4 or something like that so I tried to key what to do about dry flakey scalp and still nothing. I wanted to see if there had been other threads on this topic and see if I could pick up suggestions from them, but I am doing something wrong.

Read the error message a little more closely. I’ll bet it said your words are less than four letters. Try it without the word “dry”.

Thanks Achernar! I tried flakey dandruff scalp and it worked! You were right less than 4 letters.