Can't login to AOL Instant Messenger

Thread title pretty much says it all. I normally use gaim to access the AIM network, but the past few days, I haven’t been able to log in at all. It just says ‘connecting’ and then cancels itself. I even downloaded a real version of aim (version 5.2) and that wouldn’t connect either. Gaim would connect to the yahoo and IRC networks, though, so it seems ot be functioning fine.

I know I read somewhere that AOL was thinking of only making the newest, latest, greatest ( :rolleyes: ) version of AIM access it’s network (AIM Triton now, yes?) but I refuse to have that bloated POS on my system (it was bad enough getting an old version, which was then promptly uninstalled.) So did they finally do this, or is all of AIM’s network all crappy right now?

I have Win XP Pro w/SP2 and until a few days ago, was having no problems with it. I can connect jsut fine with Firefox and other internet applications. And my laptop that also uses gaim can’t connect with it either.