Problem With AIM

For the past couple of weeks, every time I log on to AIM it shuts down within 2 minutes. I’ve tried reinstalling it, including upgrading to the latest version, but it still shuts down. I haven’t downloaded anything unusual lately and I’ve done spyware scans–nothing. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Do you get any error messages? And by “shut down”, do you mean that the entire program closes and disappears from your taskbar & system tray?

Also, if you don’t mind a different user interface, a temporary workaround might be to use the free version of Trillian until you find out what’s causing the AIM problem.

Why is using Trillian a temporary solution? Screw AIM and its banners and bugs. Trillian is great. 4 different IM services intergrated, free. Whats the problem?

I’m with Gabe. I’ve been using Trillian for a few years now and I’ll never go back to the AIM software.

Oh, nothing wrong with Trillian. I definitely like it more than AIM. Just didn’t want to force the OP to change software if a solution could be found.

Even better (IMO) than Trillian is Gaim. I don’t like Trillian, because links in people’s profile’s don’t work with it, but with Gaim, they do, so you don’t have to ask every friend on your buddy list,

“Hey, what’s the actual URL of that link you say is very funny in your profile.”

You can do that as long as you install Trillian’s Minibrowser plugin.

Whoops, nevermind, that only works with the paid version :frowning:

No error messages. Yes, it closes after a few minutes but the Quicklaunch icon is still there. When I place the cursor over the taskbar it, too, disappears (the icon, not the taskbar itself).

Thanks, guys, I’ll give those a try but I still don’t understand why AIM doesn’t work.