Can't make "skin" choice stick. [theme and UserCP problem]

For some reason General Questions shows up in Sultanthemes Responsive vB3 Blue. Every other forum is in Straight Dope v3.7.3 which I prefer.

I can change the “skin” using the choice on the lower right, but when I return to the forum, it has reverted. If I go to options under User CP and try to change from Forum default to Straight Dope v3.7.3 I get the following error message which makes no sense:

You did not enter the correct format for the Type the word s t r a i g h t without the spaces. field. Please read the field description for the expected format.

I typed nothing. I only used the drop-down menu. Anyone have any ideas?

This error is for when you sign up. The sign-up procedure has you enter the text so that it knows you aren’t a robot. This was implemented long after you became a member, so many older profiles don’t have that field filled in.

So yeah, it’s a complete nonsense error for what you are trying to do, and it’s not related to your actual problem. To be honest, I’m not sure why that error is triggering. All of the profiles that were created before that system was implemented don’t have anything in that field.

I’m going to forward all of this to our admin. I suspect that she is going to need to tweak some things on the admin control panel (that I don’t have access to) to get you sorted out.

ETA: I have updated the thread title to more clearly indicate the problem.

I have never seen this problem before but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

To the best of my knowledge nothing has been changed on the forums and they’re all set to the normal defaults they always have been.

What you’re being asked for is the captcha we use for registration. Why the system should be asking you for it now, I dunno.

If that indeed is the problem I went in and added it to your profile. Please check your settings and see if that gets it for you. I’ll continue to look around the system and see if I find anything amiss.

Apologies for your inconvenience.

your humble TubaDiva