Can't Pee All at One Time (Possible TMI in the Thread Title)

This is a frequent problem for me, such that I am begining to wonder if I have some kind of disorder.
[li]Urinate (into an appropriate receptical)[/li][li]Feel as though I am finished[/li][li]Try for a little bit more, confirming that there’s nothing left[/li][li]Put it back into my pants, zip up, walk away[/li][li]30secs to 2mins later suddenly realize I need to finish what I thought I had already finished[/li][/ul]

Now, I’m not talking about leakage here (Lord knows there have been enough Threads about that). I mean I actually still need to pee, on my second visit I still put out a plenty forceful stream in significant volume.

It is also worth noting that most often this happens when, on my first visit to the restroom, I have used more than just my urinary tract to expel waste- solid waste disposal has also occured and I am sitting down. Still, when I think it’s all done I try for a little bit more but I end up having to come back to pee again anyway.

Sometimes this happens after I have only had to pee the first time and did so standing up, but I can almost always count on it happening in the compound scenario.

Is this normal but I just never realized, having never brought it up as a topic of conversation at dinner parties? Or am I experiencing something terribly wrong?

As usual with this type of thread the best advise is talk to a pro about it ie. go to your doc.

Have you had you prostate checked out? Symptoms of Prostate Problems

Are you overweight? If you are, your urethra might be constricted when you’re sitting down, then becomes unconstricted when you’re back on your feet.

yojimbo, at this point it’s just a minor annoyance, but I might check with a doctor if it actually starts causing me problems.

panache45, I’m 5’7" 155lbs. No lizard king, but not really a fatty either.

If you have frequently delayed voiding, you may have a stretched bladder. Chronic holding will cause your bladder to shrink back less quickly after voiding. So when you pee, you feel finished, but once your bladder finally tightens up completely, you again feel an urgent need to pee. See Toilet Habits about stretched bladders. And go see your doc.

I’m not sure if this is the same as the OP descrbes, but I second Imperial Shag’s post about “bladder stretching”. If I haven’t urinated all night, when I get up in the morning I have to actively tense my abdomen to “squeeze” everything out.