Can't play second movie of double feature DVD on XBOX

Couldn’t find any way to get to the second movie of a double feature DVD. There is a “Title Menu” on the controls bar but selecting always give “Action not available”

What’s the trick? Or are XBOX’s incapable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Turn the disc over?

I came in to suggest this. If you look at those old dual movie single layer disks, right around the hole in the middle there might be tiny words that show you which movie is the one that is on the other side (like Fletch this side up, Caddy Shack is on the other side).

I have a few Cheech and Chong movies that are like this on DVD. Think of it like an old record album.


Never thought of that. You guys are absolutely correct. Thanks.

One side is completely blank. The other side has small print around the hole saying “Reverse side additional content”

This is one of those situations where a “like” button would be handy. The question has been asked, answered and acknowledged, so I really have nothing to contribute other than to say I’m happy the OP can finish the movie.

Also, since I too have an Xbox, this will now be the first thing I think of if I ever encounter a similar screen. I have learned today. :slight_smile:

I remember that some DVDs had the widescreen version of a movie on one side and the standard version on the other.